Move Better, Live Longer, Wander More

Humans and animals are made to move. At times, we move together simply to enjoy the experience. We should not be stuck in place like a statue, or in frequent pain. Lack of movement (or improper movement) can lead to very unhealthy consequences. We truly look better, feel better, and live longer after moving. How well do you look, feel and move?

At Places for Pups we hike, we exercise, and we do it dog friendly. Our adventures potentially add longevity to our lives. No one knows how long they will live, but certain steps can be taken which lead to a longer life. Are you happy with your lifestyle?

Let us show you how to move better, and live longer. We do this through training and adventure. One is purposeful and the other is lost, but each have benefits which can last a lifetime. Most people want to have a long and healthy life, but many do not live with that purpose in mind. Will you join us?

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Our longest adventure took place while hiking in San Antonio. We love hiking and finding various ways to stay active. The San Antonio River is more than an underground river among popular, dog friendly restaurants. It is an amazing experience through a historic city, and you have never seen a hike quite like this.