3 Reasons to Avoid This Backseat Dog Cover

If you have one or more furry family members you have probably looked into getting a backseat dog cover. After all, you need to take your dog(s) places, but you don’t need them making an accidental mess out of your backseat. Such a cover should keep your backseat clean and dry for kids, relatives or guests to use. Are you looking for the best backseat dog cover? I don’t have that answer for you yet, but I can help you cross one off your list.

The Gorilla Grip Backseat Dog Cover

About six months ago I purchased a Gorilla Grip backseat dog cover. I purchased it from amazon for about $20 after reading many reviews. The reviews seemed mostly positive and I had high hopes that the dog cover would work as advertised. The Gorilla backseat dog cover product description stated that it was waterproof, slip resistant, hair resistant and easy to clean. These would be great features in a dog cover, if they were true.

The First Offense

Despite many reviews stating how well the dog cover worked, I found that it didn’t. The first time I removed the cover in order to clean it I noticed tiny white beads all over the backseat. The beads had come from underneath the cover, which is the part that is supposed to help with slip resistance. So now, instead of cleaning dog hair from the seat, I’m forced to clean up hundreds of tiny beads. The beads continued to show up each time I removed the cover for cleaning. How many beads are there?

The Dog Hair Disaster

Not the best backseat dog cover
The backseat cover is a hair magnet

The next feature turned out to be even worse. The backseat dog cover that was supposed to be hair resistant, would not let go of the dog hair. I tried wiping it off, vacuuming it, blowing it with air and ripping it off with duct tape. Even the washing machine would not remove all the hair. The dog cover turned out to be a hair magnet! At least it still resists water, right?

The Proof Leaked Right Through

Eventually, Abbey knocked over her water in the back accidentally. Since I had a water resistant cover I assumed we were all good. However, when I removed the cover the bench seat was also soaked in water. The water had apparently seeped right through the water resistant dog cover. Perhaps it might keep some drool at bay, but it obviously won’t save your seat if your pup does some dirty business in the backseat.

Side view of the Gorilla Grip backseat dog cover
This cover is not waterproof

The Last Straw

The price of the Gorilla Grip backseat dog cover was good. The product details seemed good, but it didn’t work as described. It did not resist water. It did not resist hair. Furthermore, there was more mess in the backseat after installing the cover. The only useful thing about it is the fact it prevents Abbey from falling forward onto the floor. However, it slides around a lot so she doesn’t stay very stable on it.

The Best? I Think Not

If you’re looking for the best backseat dog cover, it is NOT the Gorilla Grip cover. This cover is almost useless, and we cannot recommend it to anyone.

If you have had a similar experience with a backseat dog cover let us know. If you have a contender for the best backseat dog cover let us know that as well. We are open to discussion because we are currently looking for the one that stands out from the rest.

We do not currently have a favorite backseat dog cover. However, you can find dog friendly gear on our Shop Page which we do recommend because they work as advertised. Meanwhile, we will avoid covers all together and take advantage of the floor space in the back of our SUV.

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David Earley


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