5 Points Local – a Gluten Free, Dog Friendly Restaurant

It was a Sunday morning and we decided to give 5 Points Local a try before our flag football game. 5 Points Local is just north of downtown San Antonio, a couple of blocks from the split of I10 & I35 on Flores Street. The location was good, but the menu options were even better. Furthermore, reviews were spot on and we were told that we could bring our dog along and dine on the patio. Perfect! We needed a dog friendly restaurant because she also attends flag football.

Park Locally

When we arrived we had to park in a lot just north of 5 Points Local. Of course there are not many spaces next to the restaurant. We walked straight into the patio area and chose a table. There are two ways into the building from the patio in addition to the front door. As I looked around I noticed there were only a handful of areas to sit outside. Luckily we appeared to be the first to dine outside that morning.

Menu Options

The weather was overcast and the clouds were beginning to spit. Nothing major, but it was slightly concerning due to the fact the patio was not entirely covered. We seemed to be in no immediate danger at our table so we grabbed menus. We noticed they had many allergy friendly options. In fact, the entire menu was gluten free. They also boasted vegetarian and vegan options as well.

The dog friendly patio outside 5 Points Local, a gluten free restaurant.

There were various breakfast bowls that looked tempting. The vegan tacos were not very appealing to me because I’m not vegan. If I were I imagine they might be quite tempting though. They offered simple breakfast plates as well. But why go out for something you could easily make at home, right? There were also a number of fresh items from the bakery and energizing juices. We didn’t pull the trigger on those. I had a plain coffee, but noticed the coffee menu was similar to one you would find at a local coffee shop.

The Special

Eventually I chose an option that wasn’t even on the menu. It was a special made with steak, eggs, peppers, onions and potatoes. I had to go inside and read about it on the wall, but I’m glad I did. I can’t remember what they called it. It was a special and I’m sure it’s not available too often, sorry. The steak and egg special was delicious. Thinking about it is making me hungry all over again. I may have to return soon to try a baked bowl, or biscuits and gravy, or the next special!

Abbey gazes intently at the bowls from 5 Points Local in San Antonio.

A Dog Must Eat

Our girl, Abbey, didn’t order anything. Unfortunately dogs don’t get to order at restaurants. She did nearly trip up the waitress on the way out. Sorry about that. Abbey gets rather excited when you walk towards her with food. I did share some steak and eggs with her. Growing muscular hounds need to eat, and the protein is her favorite part. After that we were off to San Pedro Springs Park for flag football with satisfied stomachs. The breakfast was pricey, but we didn’t order anything basic besides the plain coffee.

We would definitely return to 5 Points Local. The place is dog friendly, allergy friendly and they have healthy options that taste amazing. The reviews are good and indicate people do not generally get sick from cross contamination issues. If you are looking for dog friendly places to eat in San Antonio, 5 Points Local is worth a visit. If you are gluten free, vegetarian, or vegan, they have a menu built for you.


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