Hi there! My name is Abbey. I’m very friendly, very outgoing and I love to go on adventures. San Antonio, Texas, is my place of residence, and I like to get out of the house whenever possible. I enjoy being chased, meeting other humans, other dogs and especially cats. Most of all, I love finding dog friendly places near me.

Check me out as I hike, eat and do other fun things in and around the San Antonio area. One day maybe I will be nationwide, or even international, but for now I am right here, doing my thing. If you love adventures as much as I do and need ideas for dog friendly places near you, you have come to the right place.

Would you like to meet me, sponsor me, or simply have a question for me? Would you like to contribute your adventures to this site? Use the contact page and I will get back to you after a brief nap. If you have a suggestion for a dog friendly place you do not see included on my site then feel free to let me know because I am always looking forward to new challenges and adventures!

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