This page will take you to all of the exciting, dog friendly adventures we have experienced. We have personally visited each place listed here, and enjoyed every minute. We have taken tons of photos, and have recorded all the details to help you determine whether or not these places are worth a visit.

This is what sets Places for Pups apart from forums, review sites and other blogs. Most of the time we visit parks for hiking in Texas. However, we also visit restaurants, and find dog friendly things to do in San Antonio. Occasionally we journey outside the state of Texas, and share it here. As a certified personal trainer I also write articles regarding health and fitness, which is a different kind of adventure.

Do you enjoy sharing dog friendly adventures of your own? Click on the “share yours” tab in our menu, and let us know about your experiences where you live, but keep it pawsitive.

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  • Simply one of our dog friendly adventures where Abbey conquered the Hill Country.
    Sometimes the sun goes down with miles to go before the trails are conquered
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