Things to Do

The articles in this section are about places to take your dog. The most common topics will include dog friendly restaurants and other things you can do with your dog. Finding a dog park, taking a camping trip and other adventurous articles will also be found here.

Abbey and I, actively seek out new dog friendly places in our area. We have been hiking and visiting dog friendly places since she was rescued. More recently, we have begun activities such as camping and kayaking in Texas.

Most articles contain details about a specific place, and each is unique. We have conquered many parks over the years. We enjoy being active, and getting outdoors. Take a peak at some of our adventures, enjoy the photos, and check out our new hiking videos as well.

Abbey stands on the trail map after visiting one of many dog friendly places in San Antonio.
Follow me, I know the way to all the dog friendly places!




New Braunfels

San Antonio