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We love finding dog friendly hiking trails, and amazing places to visit near San Antonio. On this page you will get a glimpse of our adventures in Texas Hill Country. However, you can find much more information in our articles about these places. Do you prefer getting your information in writing, or watching a video?

Enchanted Rock – An Epic Climb

Enchanted Rock is a large pink granite formation north of Fredericksburg, Texas. This is our shortest (but no less epic) video to date, and reveals what it looks like to climb Enchanted Rock from the summit trail. You will also notice scenic views of Texas Hill Country from the peak. Enchanted Rock may give you the false impression that it is the highest spot in Hill Country. However, the elevation (1800ft) is lower than what you can find at a few other Texas State Parks.

A Wild West Adventure at Hill Country State Natural Area

Hill Country State Natural Area is located in Bandera, Texas. This park is filled with dog friendly hiking trails and scenic views of the Texas Hill Country, northwest of San Antonio. We reached record numbers here because there is so much to see, and it was reminiscent of the Wild West. There are at least 40 miles of trails to journey on foot, or on horseback. This is one of our favorite parks to visit, and the sights in this video show you why.

Abbey Conquers Garner State Park

Garner State Park contains a group of hills near the Frio River in Concan, Texas. Here there are caves, scenic views and significant changes in elevation. You will not be disappointed, but the hills will tire you out. We reached record heights at this park as we conquered the hills within. Garner State Park is a “must-visit” while hiking in Texas.

Best Place to Visit in Texas?

Canyon Lake is a beautiful oasis in Texas Hill Country. We have visited Overlook Park several times in Comal County, Texas. This amazing park seems to get better each time. Visitors are now allowed to walk across the Canyon Lake Dam. Overlook Park is simply gorgeous. The views alone are worth the visit, and make this a contender for one of the best places to visit in Texas.

King of Dog Friendly San Antonio Parks?

McAllister Park is the largest park in San Antonio, if you exclude Government Canyon. Here you will find the most hiking trails in San Antonio, biking trails, wildlife, shade, dog friendly fountains, a dog park, and more. This park, which is north of the San Antonio Airport, could easily be the most dog friendly park in San Antonio.

Pedernales Falls – Abbey Finds All 7 Points of Interest

Pedernales Falls State Park is a popular park along the Pedernales River in Johnson City, Texas. Some points of interest are unspectacular, but those along the river are worth a look. Climb the rocks within the Pedernales River, or travel along the tranquil Juniper Ridge Trail. This video takes you to each point of interest during our dog friendly hike at this Texas State Park.

Dog Friendly Hiking at Eisenhower Park

Eisenhower Park is a very popular park on the far north side of San Antonio, near Camp Bullis. Eisenhower has 6 miles of dog friendly hiking trails, and this video takes you through each of them briefly. These trails are fun and easy to hike while providing various views of downtown San Antonio in the distance. There are many San Antonio parks to hike with your dog, but Eisenhower Park is a local favorite.

Enchanted Rock – Dog Friendly Loop Trail

Dogs are not allowed on the rock formations at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area. However, the four and a half mile loop trail is dog friendly, and it’s almost as good as climbing Enchanted Rock. This video quickly takes you through this special loop trail which runs around most of the rock formations. Hike the loop trail with your dog, you won’t regret it.

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