Pics of Allen Park Picnic Area in Canyon Lake

Allen Park is a small picnic area in Canyon Lake, just a few miles northwest of New Braunfels. Little is known about this park in Texas Hill Country, which is far smaller than it appears on the map. You may come across this park if you are trying to find hiking in New Braunfels, or near Canyon Lake.

Unfortunately, there are very few amenities and things to do at this park, unless you use your imagination. That being said, there are some Hill Country views worth seeing. Consequently, this article contains more photos than details of the park.

A view of Hill Country peaks from Allen Park in Canyon Lake
The view from Allen Park Picnic Area

How to Get to Allen Park Picnic Area

There is no address for Allen Park. You simply find it the old fashioned way. This is how I arrive at most parks, and so I had no problem finding the picnic area.

Allen Park is along the east side of Cranes Mill Road, in Canyon Lake Texas. Cranes Mill Road connects HWY 46, to FM 2673, near the lake. There are two potential routes from the south, and one to the north. View Allen Park Picnic Area on the map to choose the best route. Keep an eye out for the blue “picnic area” sign as you approach the location.

The parking area and picnic tables

Things to Do at Allen Park

This park is listed as a picnic area on the map and that is about all you will find here. It was a bit of a mystery online and I was curious to explore the area, so I grabbed my dog and we hit the road. Allen Park is easy to find, but appears much larger on the map. It’s hardly a few acres in person and surrounded by a fence. There are two picnic tables and a double-sided bench. That’s it.

Abbey checks out the view from the bench at Allen Park Picnic Area
Allen Park Picnic Area is dog friendly

The scenic views at Allen Park Picnic Area are decent, but not the best in Hill Country. You can clearly see a southern portion of Canyon Lake, as well as some of the hills peaking in the distance. This is a good area to read a book, think quietly, or catch a glimpse of the sunset. However, Cranes Mill Road may receive a steady flow of traffic, so the area does not feel completely secluded.

Canyon Lake can just barely be seen from Allen Park
Canyon Lake from Allen Park

The picnic tables and benches are well-shaded inside this park. There are no hiking trails, water fountains, or restrooms. Playground equipment and exercise stations do not exist here. Although, there is some space to walk about, and you can use the picnic areas to exercise if you want to be creative.

There appear to be no rules or hours of operation at this park. You can bring your family, or bring your dogs, but you will not have much to do. That’s all there is to know about Allen Park Picnic Area in Canyon Lake.

Texas Hill Country Views

The view of Hill Country from this park is not bad at all. However, there are several better viewpoints we have found. Most of them happen to be at state parks, but you can also find others on the road.

If you happen to visit this park and get a shot of the sun going down on Hill Country, feel free to share it! Where do you go for Hill Country views, and how do they compare to Allen Park?

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