Best Dog Parks in San Antonio, TX

San Antonio, Texas, is a very dog friendly city containing more dog parks than you can count on three paws. There are at least 15 dog parks throughout San Antonio, most of which are on the north side of the city. Which of these are the best dog parks in San Antonio? The answer may depend on the location of the park, its appearance, and what your pup is able to do.

Pearsall Dog Park has the most green grass in San Antonio.
Oh, got secrets eh?

The Most Popular San Antonio Dog Parks

Abbey, and I have been to each of these dog parks at least once. Although they can’t all be the best dog parks in San Antonio, they have unique qualities, and provide a good opportunity to play and socialize. Your four legged family members can do some stuff there as well.

Here is each dog park we have found in San Antonio, in alphabetical order. Click on the link of each dog park for more photos and details. After reading through the list, checkout our guide to find all of the great places you can hike in San Antonio with your pup. You can get directions to every park by using the linked addresses, or you can use the map of dog parks in San Antonio, Texas, we created for you.

Bark Park of Alamo Heights

The Bark Park is located on the east side of Olmos Basin Park, which is north of downtown San Antonio. The dog park offers more than one acre of space to roam, and has two separate areas for large and small dogs. The small dog area is considerably smaller. There is also a water trough on site, but a lock prevents it from being used.

Falcone Dog Park

This dog park is on the east side of Nani Falcone Park, on the northeast side of San Antonio, Texas. It has two areas for large and small dogs to play. The large dog area is slightly larger, but is not well shaded. There are dog friendly fountains on the inside and outside of the dog park.

The Bark Park of Alamo Heights.
The Bark Park

Hardberger Dog Park East

Hardberger Park has two dog parks, making it a great park for your four legged friends. The eastern park is actually north of Wurzbach Pkwy on the north side of San Antonio. The dog park contains two acres of well shaded space, obstacles and separate areas for large and small dogs.

Hardberger Dog Park West

This dog park is located inside Hardberger Parks west side, which is actually south of Wurzbach Pkwy on the north side of San Antonio. It has 1.5 acres of space with obstacles, separate areas for different sized dogs and some shade.

The dog park at Hardberger Park.
Hardberger Dog Park (west side)

Historic Pearl Dog Park

The dog park at The Pearl is next to the parking area underneath US-281. It is the smallest dog park I have ever seen. This is surprising considering all of the apartments nearby. There isn’t much room to play, but there is a nice water feature and some shade.

Lady Bird Johnson Dog Park

You must drive all the way through Lady Bird Johnson Park to reach this dog park. It’s next to the Salado Creek Greenway access trail. There is nearly one acre of space and different areas for large and small dogs. Eight different obstacles can be found inside the large dog park making it a great place to practice dog agility.

Madison Square Dog Park

This dog park is downtown, a couple blocks south of I-35. It’s on the smaller side and only about half an acre. There is a decent amount of shade, but the dog park is not split into two areas. Water fountains can be found inside and outside the park. Lights shine at night for dogs who are up late and still want to play. There are three separate entrance gates, but be careful mixing large dogs with smaller ones.

Push and shove at Madison Square Dog Park
Madison Square Dog Park

McAllister Dog Park

This dog park is on the south side of McAllister Park, north of the San Antonio Airport. The easiest way to get there is by using Wurzback Pkwy, but you must be heading west to enter. The size of the dog park is an average 1.5 acres, but the layout is nice. The obstacles are in the center and a walkway loops around them. There are three dog friendly water fountains inside the park, and two separate areas for large or small dogs.

Panther Springs Dog Park

Panther Springs Park is located in Stone Oak, on the far north side of the city. This dog park has two separate areas which appear to be of equal size. The total size is 1.5 acres, and there are obstacles in each. There is not much shade, but there are dog friendly fountains in the transition areas.

Pearsall Dog Park

The dog park at Pearsall Park in the greenest in San Antonio, Texas. You can find it on the southwest side of the city near Lackland Air Force Base. It is 1.5 acres and has two separate areas for large or small dogs. There are obstacles in the dog park, but they are mostly in direct sunlight. Water fountains can be found inside and outside the parks.

Pearsall Park is full of grass.
Pearsall Dog Park

South Side Lions Dog Park

The dog park is on the east side of San Antonio, across from Southside Lions Park East. It’s next to a new Senior Center and could use more dogs. We haven’t seen any during our visits. The park is less than half an acre, but it is shaded. There are two separate areas for large and small dogs.

Tom Slick Dog Park

Tom Slick Park is a fantastic place for dogs who love to get wet. The dog park is accessible from the Hwy-151 eastbound frontage road on the west side of San Antonio, Texas. There is about one acres of space with a somewhat confusing design.

The walkways and landscaping look nice, but prevent the dogs from running. There is a washtub near the center of the dog park, and obstacles to one side. Two separate areas are available for large or small dogs. Exercise stations are just outside the park, which give you the option to exercise right alongside your pup.

The water tub at Tom Slick Dog Park.
Tom Slick Dog Park

Travis Dog Park

Travis Park is a 2.5 acre park in downtown San Antonio. The dog park is incredibly small, so a walk through the park may be a better idea. There is also easy access to the San Antonio Riverwalk in two directions. A lot can be done in the area, but this dog park will not top the list.

Woodlawn Lake Dog Park

This dog park is across the street from Woodlawn Lake park, just west of downtown San Antonio. It’s less than an acre in size and there isn’t much for dogs to do. There aren’t any obstacles and there isn’t much shade either. The dog park has a bit of running room, but that is it. Walking your dog around Woodlawn Lake may be more entertaining.

Whiskey Bark Park

This dog park can be found by following US-281 north to Bulverde Road. It may seem like Rebecca Creek is outside of San Antonio, but its address is not. The Whiskey Bark Park is around the back. It may not be large, but it has a few obstacles and plenty of water. You can play darts, bags, or horseshoes while your pup plays in the dog park.

Whiskey Bark Park rules at Rebecca Creek Distillery.
Whiskey Bark Park at Rebecca Creek

Which are the Best Dog Parks in San Antonio?

In the simplest sense, a dog park needs to be a place where dogs can have fun. Some of the ways dogs have fun include chasing each other, fetching objects, using dog agility equipment, gaining the attention of everyone nearby, and sniffing butts. In order to accomplish most of those tasks, dogs need adequate space and equipment.

Although, much like children, dogs don’t concern themselves with cleanliness, but the dog parents care about a clean space. For us, a cleaner space, and clean pup is much more appealing. In no specific order, here are our picks for best dog parks in San Antonio, Texas.

McAllister Park Dog Park is one of the best dog parks in San Antonio.
Playing football at McAllister Dog Park

McAllister Park

The dog park inside McAllister Park is fairly large, if you have a large dog. Obstacles are positioned in the center of the park and are encircled by an asphalt walkway. There are three dog friendly fountains near the gate which attract crowds of thirsty pups.

More than half of the park is well shaded, but there is no grass to be found. The ground cover is mostly mulch, and your pup will get dirty, especially if it has rained. There is a large open field nearby, as well as 15 miles of hiking trails within McAllister park.

Pearsall Park Dog Park is one of the best dog parks in San Antonio.
The entrance to a very green Pearsall Dog Park

Pearsall Park

This is the greenest dog park in San Antonio, although it is not as well shaded as McAllister Park. There are several obstacles near the back end, which are surprisingly surrounded by grass. This park is also large, but is split into two areas for different sized dogs.

If you have a dog who likes to get dirty, Pearsall Park will be your best chance at preserving some cleanliness. There are three dog friendly fountains scattered around the park. Nearby you will also find an epic splash pad, and access to part of the Leon Creek greenway.

Tom Slick Dog Park is one of the best dog parks in San Antonio.
The dogs huddle up at Tom Slick Dog Park

Tom Slick Park

If your dog is a water lover, he will love this dog park. Although it is not quite as large as the previous two, there is plenty of space to run and play. The park is split into two areas, and the larger area contains a water tub. This is a great feature for hot pups in San Antonio, Texas. It’s also great for rinsing him off before leaving the dog park. The park also contains an area dedicated to dog agility, as well as drinking fountains.

There is a small amount of grass, but the layout of the park is confusing. It is designed in such a way that dogs run across sidewalks and landscaping to get to, and from the water tub. I suppose it looks nice, but dogs do not obey landscaping and pathways like we do. Nearby you can also find a pond inside Tom Slick Park where dogs like to play as well.

Whiskey Bark Park is one of the best dog parks in San Antonio.
The entrance to Rebecca Creek Distillery

Whiskey Bark Park

This choice is probably going to come as a surprise, but we had to throw one in there! The dog park at Rebecca Creek may not have the size advantage (as it is rather small), but it does have some unique qualities. There are a few obstacles, and a water trough. Abbey chose to stand in it, rather than drink from it, although she does not like to get wet.

At Rebecca Creek, you can play darts, bags, or horseshoes while your pup plays in the park. Furthermore, you can listen to live music, or grab a bite to eat from the food truck. These are some fun things you just cannot do at other dog parks. Also, the name of the dog park is pretty awesome.

Abbey made a new friend at Whiskey Bark Park

Which Dog Park Could Use the Most Improvement?

It’s clear from the photos that many dog parks could use more, or better ground cover. Some could use more shade, or obstacles. A few need more room to run and play. However, there is one dog park which stands above the rest, and that is the dog park at the Historic Pearl.

The dog park at the Pearl needs all of the above. Sadly, it has the appearance of an outdoor kennel. There is no space to run, play, or do much of anything really. The revitalization of the Pearl, the addition of the apartments, and its growing popularity led me to believe that the Pearl would have a spectacular dog park. It does not.

Pearl dog park
Abbey loves the Pearl, but its dog park is small and empty

We visit the Historic Pearl often, especially on the weekends during the farmers market. The Pearl is one of the best places to visit in San Antonio, and it’s very dog friendly. Unfortunately its dog park is not one of the best dog parks in San Antonio. In fact, you may not even know it exists. No sooner did we enter the park, and Abbey turned around to face the gate, indicating she was ready to leave.

Recently we returned to the Pearl (after I had written this article) and I wanted to get a photo of its dog park. It looks like they updated it by including a water feature and pea gravel. The dog park is looking much better, but it still seems difficult to run and play. In fact, it reminds me of those ball pits kids play in because the dogs are nearly swimming in rocks. The dog park at the Pearl still feels like more of a restroom than an off leash playground.

What Other Dog Parks are Around San Antonio?

If you enjoy traveling outside of San Antonio, like we do, there are other dog parks nearby that you may like to visit as well. We’ve been to a few of these, but there are surely others out there. Let us know which parks are your favorites.

Fredericksburg Dog Park

Abbey chasing the ball at Fredericksburg Dog Park
Tons of room to run at Fredericksburg Dog Park

Puppy Playland

Schertz Dog Park

Universal City Dog Park

The list goes on, but these are all of the dog parks we have found thus far. It’s always a good idea to make sure the dog park is safe before you enter with your pups. Which ones do you think are the best dog parks in San Antonio?

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