Blossom Park is Open All Day, so Let’s Play

Blossom Park is a neighborhood park next to Bradley Middle School in northern San Antonio. There is plenty of space to play at this family friendly, and dog friendly park. From Heimer, go beyond Brook Hollow and enter the park after passing the school.

The parking lot is surprisingly small but there is also street parking available. Blossom Park is not gated and is accessible 24 hours a day. 6pm is approximately the busiest time of day during the week. However, it’s next to a middle school and the street may back up during drop off and pick up times.

The playground at Blossom Park near Brook Hollow in San Antonio.


  • Dog friendly
  • Portable toilets
  • Playground
  • Baseball field
  • Basketball court
  • Tennis courts (2)
The parking lot is small at Blossom Park in San Antonio.

Things To Do

The restrooms at Blossom Park are the portable kind, but that’s better than nothing in my opinion. Just beyond the parking lot there is a nice outdoor basketball court. There are also tennis courts, a playground and a softball field beyond that. The area around the playground is similar to a trampoline. If I were a kid I’d jump around in the playground for hours!

A library box for free reading materials.

Next to the playground there is a small library box where you can either take a book, or leave a book for free. Most parks do not have such a fantastic feature. This is the closest park to a school that we have entered, but not the closest to a library even though the Brook Hollow branch is right down the street. If you do pick up a book to read there are several places to sit and read throughout the park.

An outdoor basketball court at Blossom Park in San Antonio, which was well shaded in the morning.

Beyond the softball field there is plenty of space to use creatively. It might be great for playing games, or playing fetch. During the middle part of the day the playground will not receive any shade, so the little ones will undoubtedly need to wear sunscreen. If you forget to bring water there is a fountain near the parking lot, and a bike rack as well if you would rather ride a bike.


There is access to a more wooded area out beyond the open fields which we did not see on our initial visit. The second time we visited Blossom Park in San Antonio we went hiking in the woods. We are always looking for new dog friendly things to do in San Antonio, and most of those things involve hiking trails. There happen to be some very short trails on the north side of the park. They seem to provide easy street access from the nearby subdivisions.

As we entered the woods at Blossom Park we noticed an entire colony of deer. We saw bucks, does, and fawns (more than 20) throughout these woods. I suppose we interrupted their relaxation time because many of them were lying down. Most of them did not run from us, but they remained alert. Once we reached Lorence creek we began to follow it east. I was hoping there would be a creek trail, but there is not. Although dry, the creek is very rocky and several properties back to it.

Blossom Park is definitely a great place to play sports, hike with dogs, read a book, or eat lunch. We will be taking advantage of this park often. If you are looking for nearby parks, Lorence Creek Park is the closest. However, it is in need of a major update. Checkout our Ultimate Guide to Hiking in San Antonio to find some of the best parks and hiking trails the city has to offer.


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