Does Phil Hardberger Park Have the Best Dog Park in San Antonio?

Today we visited Phil Hardberger Park and the dog park to the west. This dog park is accessible from NW Military HWY, but there is a separate dog park to the east which you can reach from Blanco. We will Discuss the dog park on the east side of Phil Hardberger Park in a separate article. Today I also happened to notice that Hardberger’s Dog Park had won the 2018 best dog park in San Antonio award. What made it stand out with so many other contenders in the city?

Abbey not only drank from the dog friendly fountain, but had to wash her feet with it as well.

How To Get There

The dog park is easy to find being close to the main road. Simply enter the park off NW Military HWY, make the first right you can and the dog park will be on your right side. Most people seem to prefer to park along the road, but there is adequate parking in front of, and beyond the playground. There are several portable toilets between the playground and the dog park. If your pups get thirsty, dog friendly fountains can be found in several areas throughout the park.

Abbey uses the dog agility course at Phil Hardberger Park.

Things To Do

The 1.5 acre dog park contains two areas separating the little ones from the big ones. I cannot say for sure, but the large dog park seemed bigger and the total area felt larger than 1.5 acres. The large and small dogs enter through one single gate into a transition area. Once inside you must choose the section that pertains to your dogs size. Each section contains a dog friendly drinking fountain, various obstacles and a sufficient amount of playing space.

The amount of shade in each dog park is very good. There are many trees in various shapes and sizes which will help keep our furry family members cooler. There are also platforms and other obstacles dogs can use for crawling, jumping and directional drills. Ample space is available to fetch toys or play chase around the park. If dogs get bored with that, Hardberger Park also has several hiking trails. Each trail varies is shape, size and terrain, but their one commonality is that they will tire your pup out.

Abbey looks up at a squirrel in the trees at Phil Hardberger Park.

Why Is Hardberger Park The Best?

Hardberger Dog Park (West) is a great space for our four legged friends. What makes it stand out from the rest? San Antonio Current says that it does and has recognized it as the best in the city. However, their lackluster review does not indicate why it is any better. In fact, the amenities they listed are present at several other dog parks in San Antonio. Perhaps the fact that Hardberger Park has two dog parks gave it an advantage?

How can you award it the best in San Antonio by saying it has the same stuff as several other parks? Furthermore, the contenders did not even receive a review. Two other choices were simply listed by name. Did you know there are at least 11 dog parks in San Antonio? Have you reviewed each one? Unfortunately, I have not been to each dog park and cannot say which one is the best. However, I am currently working on it and will be there soon.

The best dog park in San Antonio should not appear so muddy and full of weeds.

Produce Your Strong Reasons

In conclusion I would like to disagree with San Antonio Current. It’s too soon to say which is the best dog park in San Antonio, but I would say that McAllister Park has the edge over Hardberger Park. It’s true they are very alike in terms of amenities and the things you can do with your dog. However, the layout and basic aesthetics at McAllister Park Dog Park are more appealing.

I have written about McAllister Park Dog Park already and won’t go into too much detail here. The park is always clean and welcoming. The center focuses on the dogs, while allowing us humans to stick to an outer path if we aren’t engaged in play. There are three dog friendly fountains in the large dog area, which means less waiting for hot puppies. Hardberger park is nice, but each time we have visited it’s been a little on the muddy side and in need of some weeding. It’s so close this probably comes down to personal preference. What place has the best dog park in San Antonio, and do you know why?


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