Dog DNA Test Leads to You After Dog Poop Fairy Doesn’t Appear

The dog poop fairy is a nice idea, but we all know such a thing does not exist. Oh, you left dog poop along the sidewalk because you thought he does exist? That dog poop is going to lie there until it washes away, or someone else does something about it. The dog poop fairy is not coming, and a simple dog DNA test will provide a trail which leads back to you.

Abbey whispering in a huskies ear at the dog park.
Pssst, I saw you poop back there…just saying

The Dog Poop Fairy: The Man, the Myth, the Legend

Where does the idea of a dog poop fairy come from? Perhaps it’s a story being told to little children? It wouldn’t be much worse than some of the popular children’s stories. After all, it would contain dogs AND morals about cleanliness, responsibility, awareness, etc. It could be an international hit, leading to cleaner parks, walkways and yards.

All jokes aside, the poop fairy was probably created to encourage people to pick up after their dogs. You may have seen dog poop fairy signs at your local dog park. Sometimes bags filled with dog poop are left along trails and sidewalks. However, the dog poop fairy did not stop by to clean them up. If they were picked up at all, it was due to the actions of a Good Samaritan.

An image of the dog poop fairy at a dog park.
The dog poop fairy I presume?

Front yards are littered with dog poop on a daily basis as well. Yes, a dog has to go when he has to go. However, you must pick it up even though no one is watching (that one neighbor is always watching). Leaving dog droppings in neighboring yards is ill-mannered and ignorant. It can also be potentially harmful to the environment, which means you should pick up the droppings in your own yard as well. Your neighbors can confirm the dog poop fairy does not exist.

What do we say to leaving dog poop around the neighborhood? Not today.

Hiking with Dogs

My dog loves to go hiking. In fact, it is our favorite activity to do together. We live in a large city with hundreds of places to hike. Many parks near me are excellent for hiking with my dog. We have had several unique adventures this year, most of which are included in our Ultimate Guide to hiking in San Antonio. Of course, we have seen no shortage of dog poop along the hiking trails.

For some reason, nature does not call too often while Abbey is out hiking. She prefers to use her own backyard. On rare occasions when she does drop a load, I have to do my duty and pick it up. You should too. Today we were hiking at Gold Canyon Park, which is a small park we have visited many times. Normally, we find ourselves alone on the undefiled trail. However, today was much different. Within the first one hundred feet along the loop trail I saw more dog poop than I can count on both hands.

Tons of poop along the hiking trail.

What is wrong with people? There is a free bag dispenser at the trailhead in case you forget to bring your own. Is flushing the toilet in your house optional? When did picking up dog poop become optional? Hey, I get it! Poop is gross, no one else is around, and all the other animals are doing it anyway. Those are all excuses, but they’re not good ones.

Take some responsibility as a pet parent, and human being on planet Earth. Nobody is going to laugh at you for carrying a bag of poop to the trashcan. In fact, you may receive a standing ovation. Hooray!

What do we say to leaving dog poop on the trails? Not today.

Bags of dog poop line the concrete pathway at OP Schnabel Park in San Antonio.
Bags of dog poop left for the poop fairy

Dog Poop DNA Test

Some places, especially apartment complexes, are beginning to crack down on those dog droppings. More than 3,000 complexes use mandatory DNA testing in an attempt to eliminate dog poop. Dog parents must swab the inside of their dogs mouth and send the sample in to Biopet. The DNA sample is added to a registry which can be used to track that dog anywhere in the world from its poop sample.

Right now there are more than 300,000 dogs in the registry, and PooPrints makes millions of dollars per year from dog poop. As you can imagine, violations decrease drastically once dog parents know their dog is in the system. Educating the residents on the health concerns of leaving dog droppings where they lie is important, but I bet the $300 fine is the deciding factor.

If your dog is in the registry and his droppings are found in public, YOU will be responsible for paying a large fine. Would you pick up one pile of dog poop to avoid a $300 fine? Most people probably would. However, most dogs are not yet registered, but I wouldn’t be surprised if cities began using this system. The most dog friendly cities would probably register first. Is yours one of them?

What do we say to leaving dog poop in public, and being fined several hundred dollars? NOT TODAY!

A sign encouraging people to pick up poop at a dog park.
Dog parks are a popular place to poop

Poop Bags

Cleaning up after your dog is the responsible, respectful, and environmentally friendly thing to do. However, many poop bags contain plastic which will survive us by hundreds of years. Throwing bags of poop in a landfill beats the do-nothing approach, but there are alternatives. Consider using biodegradable dog poop bags which are better for the environment.

Don’t like using the bags? You could teach your dog how to use the toilet. Alright, that idea is probably out the window here in North America, but it may work in other countries where they prefer the ancient method of squatting down to the floor. Imagine wandering in to use the bathroom and finding your dog already using the facilities! This is arguably the best option, but I have my doubts about its popularity.

Meanwhile, you can flush dog waste down the toilet if you do the work. In fact, some companies produce flushable poop bags. In some cases this may require transporting poop in the car, but flushable dog poop bags may be one of the better options available.

Do they use dog poop DNA tests where you live? How do you dispose of your dogs droppings?

I’m a certified personal trainer in San Antonio. After adopting Abbey, I created Places for Pups to help you get outside, exercise with your dog and have fun doing it.

We have mastered hiking in Texas Hill Country. Though we emerge from the woods unharmed, we are not responsible for you or your pets. You are solely responsible for trying exercises, or places discussed on this site.

Grab the best hiking gear and go dog friendly.  I wish you good fortune on the trails to come.


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