Let’s Share Dog Friendly Restaurants San Antonio

There are a lot of things to do with your dog in San Antonio, but finding dog friendly restaurants can be a chore. Due to our enjoyable climate, many restaurants have outdoor patios. However, not all restaurants are dog friendly. Any restaurant with an outdoor patio can be dog friendly, but it must meet a couple of simple stipulations.

I’ve taken my dog to more than a few restaurants in San Antonio. Some have been wonderful, while others have been unspectacular. Many lists of the best dog friendly restaurants in San Antonio are littered with bars. Let’s get one thing straight here – a bar is not a restaurant any more than soda quenches thirst. Restaurants specialize in serving meals, not drinks.

The 40 Best Restaurants with Dog Friendly Patios in San Antonio

Have you seen any lists of dog friendly places to eat which recommend bars instead of restaurants? It just doesn’t work. In fact, it’s lazy and unhelpful for those of us who pay special attention to what we eat.

Honestly, I don’t eat out much because I’m a certified personal trainer who prefers meal prep. However, I like to go dog friendly when I do eat out. If you do too, read on to find a comparison of the 40 best restaurants (not bars) in San Antonio, which allow dogs.

Bakery Lorraine is one of many dog friendly restaurants at the Pearl.
Bakery Lorraine is dog friendly

Is it Legal to Bring Your Dog to a Restaurant?

Dog Friendly Restaurants Have Rules

Before taking your dog out to eat it’s important to know what’s allowable by law. You may have a dog with you on an outdoor patio (in Texas) if that restaurant has outdoor access to the patio, and dog friendly signs posted. I’ve also read that hand sanitizer must be placed on the tables, but I’m not sure many places do so. Restaurants may need a special permit in cities where restrictions are enforced.

Before taking my dog to any restaurant, I either call ahead, or ask at the door to find out if they are really dog friendly. Sometimes it’s impossible to know for sure unless you ask. My girl, Abbey, is very well behaved, especially around food.

If you have an aggressive dog, or a dog who becomes aggressive around food, he probably should not come out to eat. Furthermore, a dog should be trained and on a leash if he is going to accompany you. Tags and vaccinations are generally a must as well.

Snooze is one of many dog friendly restaurants in San Antonio.
Snooze is dog friendly in Alamo Heights

Allergy Friendly Places to Eat with Your Dog

If you are looking for a real list of dog friendly restaurants in San Antonio, you have come to the right place. I will be updating this list as I find more, so it will only increase in size, just like Texas. In addition to dog friendly places, this list also includes addresses, phone numbers, menus and average meal prices. You’re welcome!

The first group of restaurants offer “cleaner” options, and you can enjoy them with your pup. These restaurants will be perfect for gluten-free, or vegetarian diets. Continue reading because I have sorted the other lists into areas around San Antonio.

Allergy Friendly Restaurants

1) 5 Points Local

2) Pharm Table

3) Green Vegetarian Cuisine

4) Mellow Mushroom

5) Zoes Kitchen

6) Viva Vegeria

Each of these restaurants offer very different menus, but you may want to check them out if you have food allergies, or a restricted diet. Furthermore, they tend to have healthier options than the typical burger joint. I’ve been to each of these restaurants and would say 5 Points Local, and Zoes Kitchen are outstanding. However, they don’t typically offer patio service which means your dog will have to wait outside while you order.

5 Points Local

  • Phone: (210) 267-2652

5 Points is located just north of downtown San Antonio. They take pride in being gluten-free, with vegetarian and paleo options. Two separate menus are available depending on the time of day, but breakfast is served all day. They also have a bakery up front, and a yoga studio in back. The prices are good, especially considering the quality of their food. Expect to spend about $15 a person at 5 Points. We eat here occasionally and always leave satisfied.

Abbey wants that food from 5 Points Local.
5 Points Local is dog friendly and delicious

Pharm Table

  • Phone: (210) 802-1860

Pharm Table is located on the north side of downtown San Antonio. It is within walking distance of the San Antonio Riverwalk, and Rivercenter Mall. This restaurant is also gluten-free and takes pride in clean eating. Their plates are very tasty, but they are only open during lunchtime (about 4 hours). You will probably spend at least $10 a person, but most of the dishes are smaller than average.

Green Vegetarian Cuisine

  • Phone: (210) 233-1249

Green has two locations in the San Antonio area. One is at the Pearl, and the other is farther north near the medical district. Green has allergy friendly options and the prices are fair. Even though they do not serve meat, some of the meals are designed to look like fried chicken, or burgers (which really confuses me). We have not had good luck here, but many people enjoy it. Expect to pay about $15 a person.

Mellow Mushroom

  • Phone: (210) 370-9219

Mellow Mushroom is a pizza joint with allergy friendly options in Stone Oak. Surprisingly, they can make a pizza that is gluten-free and dairy-free. I wasn’t a big fan of the Mushroom, but in their defense I’m extremely picky about my pizza. I prefer to taste more ingredients than cheese, and it needs to be really crispy, so I basically make my own. Anyway, you can expect to spend at least $15 a person because they do not offer pizza by the slice. If you share with someone else you will cut your cost substantially.

Zoes Kitchen

  • Phone: (210) 545-3920

Zoes has several locations on the north side of San Antonio. They serve Mediterranean food, and they are allergy friendly. We normally order salmon kabobs with two servings of vegetables, and the taste is fantastic. I eat a fairly clean diet and I love eating here. Expect to pay around $15 a person at Zoes.

Viva Vegeria

  • Phone: (210) 465-9233

This gluten-free and vegan restaurant is open for lunch and dinner everyday except Wednesday. Viva Vegeria makes everything hand-made from scratch. They also sell tamales by the dozen. The menu items are very interesting which include jalapeño beet salad, cauliflower bbq tacos and stuffed avocados. Bring your best four-legged friend and expect to pay about $10 per plate.

Abbey looks upon the sweet potato waffles at Pharm Table.
Pharm Table is dog friendly

Pet Friendly Restaurants at the Historic Pearl

The Pearl used to be a brewery just north of downtown San Antonio, but has been revitalized. It currently attracts visitors, residents and their pups on a daily basis. Some people think this area is too dog friendly. Here is a list of places to grab a bite with your dog at the Pearl.

The Historic Pearl

1) Green Vegetarian Cuisine

2) Bakery Lorraine

3) Boiler House

4) La Gloria

5) The Food Hall

6) Cured

7) Down on Grayson

Bakery Lorraine

  • Phone: (210) 862-5582

There are choices to be made at Bakery Lorraine because they offer many delicious sandwiches and pastries. I love the turkey pesto sandwich here, but there is usually a wait in line. In fact, every time I visit this place it is packed. You can expect to spend about $15 a person here which seems high, but the food is definitely above average. If you have your dog with you, there is an outdoor window from which you can order.

Boiler House

  • Phone: (210) 354-4644

You will find Texas Hill Country fare at the Boiler House. They serve a few different plates including meat, seafood, eggs, or some combination of each. The appetizers alone are about $15, so expect too spend at least $30 a person, depending on your choices. A cut of steak for a single person could cost you more than $50.

La Gloria

  • Phone: (210) 267-9040

The dishes at La Gloria represent those with authentic Mexican recipes. Sopes, tostadas, postres, tacos, tortas, and ceviches y cocteles can be found here at a good price. However, if you avoid the cocktails you might pay about $10, or less! This dog friendly restaurant is inexpensive, but may be crowded.

Abbey enjoying a scoop from Lick at the Pearl.
Lick? Yeah that’s what I do

The Bottling Dept Food Hall

  • Phone: (210) 564-9140

The Bottling Department at the Pearl is a food hall containing six different vendors. One serves drinks, another serves donuts, and the others offer nourishment for your body. Here your choices will be between hamburgers, rotisserie, ramen and bowls at the Good Kind.

There is indoor and outdoor seating at the Food Hall. You will need to go inside to order in case you have your dog with you. Expect to pay about $10 for a bowl or sandwich at the Good Kind. We’ve eaten here a few times and can confirm that they do have allergy friendly options. It isn’t a lot of food, but it is tasty and nutritious.

Down on Grayson

  • Phone: (210) 248-9244

You can relax with your pup on one of the largest patios in the area at Down on Grayson. Here you can choose from burgers, sandwiches, seafood and steak. Expect to pay about $20 a person depending upon choice of protein.

One of my favorite Dog friendly restaurants is the Dodging Duck Brewhaus.
The Dodging Duck Brewhaus is dog friendly

Dog Friendly Restaurants at the San Antonio Riverwalk

The San Antonio Riverwalk is a popular place when it comes to eating out. Most of the restaurants along the riverwalk have outdoor seating where your dog can relax by your side. Well, unless she loves chasing ducks like mine. The riverwalk can be a great place to hangout, but expect to pay more for the ambiance.

The San Antonio Riverwalk

1) Landry’s

2) Casa Rio

3) Ostra

4) Lone Star Cafe

5) Original Mexican Restaurant

6) Rita’s on the River

7) Las Ramblas


  • Phone: (210) 229-1010

Seafood is the specialty of Landry’s. Here you will find crab, shrimp, lobster, tuna, salmon, sandwiches, pasta and a few steak options. Prices are all over the place so you could end up paying $15 – $60 per meal.

Casa Rio

  • Phone: (210) 225-6718

The place with bright umbrellas lining the riverwalk is Casa Rio. It’s hard to miss. Out of the many restaurants along the river, Casa Rio was the first. They serve Tex-Mex on a first-to-arrive basis, and prices are good. Expect to pay about $10 a person, unless you order the carne asada, or fajita plate.


  • Phone: (210) 396-5817

This seafood restaurant is located at the Mokara Hotel and Spa. Ostra is open all day, and your breakfast options will include seafood. Expect to pay around $20 for breakfast. They also have a list of dinner options which are slightly more expensive.

Riverboats and restaurants on the San Antonio Riverwalk

Lone Star Cafe

  • Phone: (210) 223-9374

It should come as no surprise that Lone Star serves BBQ and steak. However, they (with the help of Go Rio) can also provide a dining experience on a river barge for a price. Go Rio requires a minimum of $500 per group if you are interested. Of course, you can also enjoy burgers, sandwiches, or steak on the riverwalk with your dog. Expect to pay about $20 per meal at Lone Star Cafe.

Rita’s on the River

  • Phone: (210) 293-6113

Enjoy a Texas sized margarita, and fajitas at Rita’s on the River. I know I have! Rita’s serves Tex-Mex and burgers. They have vegetarian options and a doggy menu for your pup. Prices are fair because you will spend $15 or less per meal. However, margaritas are not included.

Las Ramblas

  • Phone: (210) 298-8040

This restaurant has a blend of options and is located at Hotel Contessa. Here you can enjoy seafood, pasta, tacos, burgers and more. Expect to spend around $20 per meal throughout the day at Las Ramblas.

The San Antonio Riverwalk

Dog Friendly Places to Eat at the Alamo Quarry

Alamo Quarry is another very popular area located near Olmos Park and Alamo Heights in San Antonio. The quarry contains a host of retail stores and restaurants. However, we’ve only found a handful of dog friendly restaurants inside the revitalized Alamo Quarry.

The Alamo Quarry

1) Snooze

2) Piatti

3) Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers

4) Piranha Izakaya


  • Phone: (210) 937-1063

There are now three Snooze locations in San Antonio. The location at the Alamo Quarry is the only one I have visited with my dog. Snooze is only open during the first half of the day, and receives a lot of traffic on the weekends. They have some unique options, but the taste is average in my opinion. Expect to pay nearly $15 a person at this fun and colorful restaurant.


  • Phone: (210) 832-0300

This Italian restaurant has two locations in San Antonio. Here you will find pizza, pasta and various seafood dishes. You can expect to pay around $20 a person at Piatti. We haven’t experienced it personally, but I’m looking forward to trying the pesto shrimp pizza with Miss Abbey by my side.

Piranha Izakaya

  • Phone: (210) 822-1088

This sushi restaurant was formerly known as Piranha Killer Sushi, but has reopened under a new name. Expect to pay up to $15 for sushi, sashimi and ramen per serving. The reviews are looking positive after the reopening. The ramen seems to make a lot of people much happier than the sushi. After eating the rib plate and ginger beef, I will be returning to try other delicious options.

Snooze is one of many dog friendly restaurants in San Antonio.
Breakfast at Snooze is pet friendly

Pet Friendly Restaurants in Stone Oak

Stone Oak is located on the far north side of San Antonio, and has a handful of dog friendly restaurants near Loop 1604. You may want to avoid the highway and frontage road (if possible) because traffic backs up throughout the day.

Stone Oak

1) Mellow Mushroom

2) Toro

3) Eggspectation

4) Le Peep Cafe


  • Phone: (210) 592-1075

Toro has a location in Stone Oak, and another in downtown San Antonio as well. They focus on Spanish flavors and take pride in having the best paella in town. I found the food to be very tasty, but small in portion size. Expect to pay around $10 for tapas, and $25 for paella.


  • Phone: (210) 545-3199

Despite its name Eggspectation is open all day. The patio is around back in a slightly wooded area. They have several unique options for breakfast, but the prices are a little on the high side. Expect to pay around $20 a person for breakfast. The food and atmosphere are good. If the prices were lower we would be encouraged to dine out more often.

Le Peep Cafe

  • Phone: (210) 499-0694

Le Peep is a dog friendly cafe located in Stone Oak. They are open daily, but only for breakfast and lunch. The lunch items are limited, but there are more breakfast options than can fit on one page. Those include pancakes, eggs benedict, skillets, omelettes and tacos. Expect to spend about $10 per plate.

I’ll eat that, even if it is vegan

Dog Friendly Restaurants at the Rim

The Dominion is another popular area people like to shop and eat. It is located near Six Flags Fiesta Texas and UTSA, so you will find more traffic in this area. There are several dog friendly restaurants in this area on the far northwest side of San Antonio.

The Rim

1) Mash’d

2) Zoes Kitchen

3) Urban Bricks

4) Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

5) Bakery Lorraine

6) Piatti


  • Phone: (210) 538-5833

This American restaurant serves sandwiches, burgers, fried chicken, meatloaf, ribs, seafood, and more. You’re sure to find something you like at Mash’d because of the wide variety. A gluten-free menu is also available. You can expect to pay around $15 per meal.

Urban Bricks

  • Phone: (210) 699-3333

Urban Bricks makes pizza “bricking simple”. They also do paninis, pasta, salad, and gelato. Most pizzas and sides are less than $10. You won’t pay too much, or wait too long for pizza at Urban bricks.

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

  • Phone: (210) 538-8792

This steakhouse has three locations in San Antonio, including one downtown. In addition to steak, they also serve seafood. Don’t show up without cleaning up because they have a business casual dress code. Expect to spend around $20 on an appetizer, and $50 on steak.

Happy Abbey girl at the Dodging Duck Brewhaus in Boerne.
Dogs are welcome!

Other Dog Friendly Places to Eat

Pet Friendly Places Around San Antonio

1) The Good Kind Southtown

2) Bliss

3) La Tuna Grill

4) Two Step

5) Comfort Cafe San Antonio

6) Grayze on Grayson

The Good Kind Southtown

  • Phone: (210) 801-5892

The Good Kind was briefly discussed in a previous section about the Food Hall at the Pearl. However, they have a second location in Southtown. Hours are very limited on Monday and Tuesday at Southtown, but they are open a few hours. Choose from a variety of smoothies, sandwiches, and bowls with allergy friendly options. You can expect to pay between $10 – $15 for a meal. The bowls and sandwiches are good, and the space is delightful.


  • Phone: (210) 225-2547
  • The Bliss Menu is not available online

Bliss serves American cuisine which changes frequently to create unique experiences. This dog friendly restaurant used to be a filling station in Southtown. The food is on the side of pricey, and reservations are recommended.

La Tuna Grill

  • Phone: (210) 212-5727

La Tuna Grill is located in Southtown and has a very dog friendly patio. This restaurant serves Tex-Mex, seafood, American and Cajun dishes. There are separate menus for lunch and dinner, both of which are limited. Expect to pay $10 or more per plate.

The Good Kind Southtown is a dog friendly restaurant in San Antonio.
The Good Kind Southtown

Two Step

  • Phone: (210) 688-2686

Two Step is a BBQ-Mex cuisine near Helotes on the far northwest side of San Antonio. The restaurant is constructed from an original 1850’s homestead on the corner of Braun Road and Loop 1604. Seafood, burgers and BBQ are a few of the options served. Live music can be heard on many weekends throughout the year. Depending on what you have a taste for, meals will cost $15 – $30.

Comfort Cafe San Antonio

  • Phone: (512) 629-7065

Comfort Cafe is about two miles southwest of the medical district, near I-410. This cafe serves breakfast and lunch from Friday to Sunday. It is donation based and closed the other days of the week. The portions are large and the reviews are very favorable. The menu is full of options which appear more like fine print. They say miracles happen here. Choosing your own price for breakfast may apply.

Grayze on Grayson

  • Phone: (210) 481-8776

You will find this American restaurant a few blocks west of the Pearl. Bring your dog to the colorful patio and enjoy the farmhouse style. Menu items are limited. Grab a traditional burger with fries, or go for the roasted chicken with veggies and salad. Prices are average at about $10 per plate.

Piranha Izakaya is dog friendly

More to Come…

As I stated earlier, I will be updating this article to reflect the dog friendly restaurants currently available. Old restaurants close, and new restaurants open. Several restaurants had to be removed from the list because they closed this year. If you notice a conflict with any of the restaurants listed here, let us know in the comments section below.

Do you have a favorite restaurant you visit with your pup which is not listed here? There are bound to be other places for pups out there in Alamo city. Let us know, but remember – we are looking for restaurants not bars, drive-thru, or fast food joints.

Out of Town Spotlight – The Dodging Duck Brewhaus

Head north on I-10 and you will find the Dodging Duck Brewhaus in Boerne, Texas. This dog friendly restaurant has an outdoor patio facing Cibolo Creek. It also has a fun name and good food, including bison burgers, shrimp tacos, steak, and quail kabobs. You’ll pay about $15 for a meal at the Dodging Duck, excluding drinks and appetizers. I’ve eaten at the Dodging Duck many times and have been very satisfied. Abbey sampled the bison burger as well!

Out of all the dog friendly restaurants, the Dodging Duck may be our fav.
Yum, bison burger

The Best Restaurants in San Antonio, TX

Which of these restaurants are the best in San Antonio? I’ll let you be the judge of that. My job is finding new dog friendly places, visiting them with my dog, and sharing the details of our adventures. Most of our time together is spent out on the trails, but we occasionally decide to eat out.

Are you interested in finding other dog friendly activities around town? We have explored every place in our visitors guide to hiking in San Antonio. Let us know if our list of dog friendly restaurants in San Antonio has been helpful to you. After that, share it with your friends who take their dogs out as well. Which restaurant is your favorite in San Antonio?

I’m a certified personal trainer in San Antonio. After adopting Abbey, I created Places for Pups to help you get outside, exercise with your dog and have fun doing it.

We have mastered hiking in Texas Hill Country. Though we emerge from the woods unharmed, we are not responsible for you or your pets. You are solely responsible for trying exercises, or places discussed on this site.

Grab the best hiking gear and go dog friendly.  I wish you good fortune on the trails to come.


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