Bulverde Park and Dog Friendly Things to Do

One of a few dog friendly things to do in Bulverde.

Bulverde Park is a 13 acre family friendly and dog friendly park in Bulverde, Texas. The park is about 26 miles from downtown San Antonio in case you need to find dog friendly things to do in Bulverde, Texas. Enter the park, which is not gated, from Bulverde Lane. Bulverde Park is open from 6am to 11pm. You should find plenty of parking space unless there happens to be a large special event. The park has several gazebos and sports areas. These can be used on a first come basis, or you can reserve an area for an event.

Wide open fields are great dog friendly areas to play.


  • Dog friendly
  • Public restrooms
  • Playgrounds (2)
  • Splash pad
  • Concrete pathways
  • 13 acres of space
  • Pavilions
  • Basketball court

Places To Play

Bulverde Park does have public restrooms and drinking water nearby the parking lot. There are two separate playgrounds and a splash pad area for the little ones, or for you grown ups who like to play around in the water (it gets hot so I won’t hold it against you). The playground furthest from the parking lot gets adequate shade but the splash pad does not. During the day most of the park will be in direct sunlight. However, some benches and tables will be in the shade.

The handicap accessible walking path is concrete, although it receives little shade from the hot sun. In addition to the two playgrounds, there are also two main sports fields. In between the two playgrounds you will find an outdoor basketball court. The sidewalk which goes through both play areas also wraps around a completely grass covered baseball field. Beyond the back of the park is a nice bit of open land which is not accessible. Across from the park is the local airfield where helicopter lessons take place. The helicopters were out for all to see during the weekend we used the park.

An outdoor basketball court at Bulverde Community Park.

Things To Do

Bulverde Park is very nice, quiet and clean. This is a great place to take your dog(s) and or family. The kids at the park seem to really enjoy the play areas, especially the splash pad. This would also be a fun place to host a private event or play some ball. The sidewalk is not very long which makes it good for short dog walks. If it’s distance you prefer, then you will either need to go around multiple times or choose a different location.

You will need sunscreen unless you plan on being underneath a gazebo or one of the play areas. Also keep in mind that the sidewalks may be too hot for your dogs paws during the summer. There is plenty of open grassy area which would be great for play, but there is also a posted leash ordinance. North of the park there are a couple of restaurants and shops, although the road does not have a sidewalk. South of the park there is a creek, but it also did not seem to have a walking path.

The Helicopter Pilots in Bulverde, Texas.
The Flight School across from Bulverde Community Park

Rebecca Creek Distillery is right down the road toward US 281 and is another dog friendly place. We’ve been there quite a few times but have not yet included the place on our site. However, it’s a nice place with a dog park in the back so we will be getting to that in the near future. A few other parks can be found along US 281, as well as Guadalupe River State Park which is a short drive north.


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