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Fredericksburg Dog Park is the largest dog park I have ever seen, and is an awesome place for dogs who need room to run. We found out about Fredericksburg Dog Park inadvertently from the Dogologie shop on Main Street. Dogologie is Abbey’s favorite place in Fredericksburg because it’s all about dogs! They also gave us a list of dog friendly wineries and restaurants in the Fredericksburg area. We will be checking those out later and adding them to our site. In the meantime, let’s get back to the dog park.

View of the airport from Fredericksburg Dog Park

How To Get There

Fredericksburg Dog Park is located between the Gillespie County Airport and an RV park inside Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park in Fredericksburg, Texas. From HWY 16, simply turn on Lady Bird Drive in Fredericksburg and the dog park will be on your righthand side. The dog park is approximately six acres which makes it far larger than the average dog park. It’s open from 8:30am – 6:30pm everyday, which are very odd hours considering it’s next to a dog friendly campground and park. Whether you are a resident, or a visitor looking for dog friendly things to do in Fredericksburg, this dog park is a nice option.

Fredericksburg Dog Park gated entrance


  • Portable toilets nearby
  • 6 acres of grass
Dog friendly water fountain

Let’s Fly

The most notable aspect of the Fredericksburg Dog Park is the wide open grassy space. Many dog parks are dirty and filled with mulch, but not this one. You can find public restrooms nearby since it’s next to the campground in Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park. The park is completely fenced in and split into two areas. The large dog park may be twice the size of the small dog park. It is big! Bring a dog toy with if your furry friend loves to run and chase. Since it is right next to the airfield, you may catch a plane taking off, or coming in for a landing. I love that aspect, but I’m really into airplanes!

The only shade at the dog park

Each dog park has a dog friendly water fountain and a great deal of grass. However, shade cannot currently be found among the vast grassy areas. The only shaded area is where the benches sit on top of turf underneath a wooden canopy. I wondered if the space was also used as a driving range, but I’m sure that is not the case. This dog park does need shady areas in order to reduce the risk of overheating. Some obstacles would also be useful for training and exercise. The size and location make this an extraordinary dog park, but it is currently lacking these other amenities. There is a plan to add shade and obstacles in the future. This would make the Fredericksburg Dog Park one of the best in Texas.

Abbey chasing the ball at Fredericksburg Dog Park


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