Guadalupe River Trail – Hiking Canyon Lake, Texas

An adventurers view of the Guadalupe River from the hiking trail.

The Guadalupe River Trail can be accessed on the far east side of Canyon Lake. This is a review of the hiking trail, but the river is also open to swimmers. This dog friendly trail is not very long but certain areas do require some lower body work in order to step up or decelerate your body. The river trail is linear and does not loop back around. Consequently, you must be prepared to return the same way that you came. There are at least 28 markers along the trail. My total step count was 5,041 from the time we left the car until we returned.


  • Dog friendly
  • Well shaded
  • Swimming
  • Riverview
  • Linear trail (2miles)
A rest area near the more active section of the river.

Things To Think About

The Guadalupe River Trail is free to use, and the parking lot had no gate. Before entering the river trail you may see a path on the left side that appears to go down to the river. This is most likely for drainage and is not part of the river trail. Enter the trail where you see the park sign. If it has rained recently be cautious because the trail will be slippery when wet. It may be a good idea to wear bug spray since there are mosquitoes and other flying insects. There are NO restrooms or portable toilets at this park.

The Guadalupe River and a rope swing for cooling off in the river.

What You Will See

The front end of the Guadalupe River Trail is within the woods and runs parallel to the river. It is very peaceful, quiet and possible to walk along the river on some rocky areas. Look across the river and you will see a few very nice residences. About midway down the trail you can reach a fun rope swing over the river. We did not take advantage of the situation, but it looks like one good way to cool off.

The wildflower trail at Guadalupe River Trail near Canyon Lake.

Eventually the trail will deviate from the river and bring you out into an open field. There were many flowers out in this area when we went so keep that in mind if you are allergic to any flying insects. The trail continues on a bit farther and abruptly seems to end near a cliff within the woods. The cliff has no barrier so do not get too close. There was also what appeared to be an abandoned baseball field in this area next to a street. This indicates that it may be possible to get back to the parking lot from the road, but we turned back and exited the way we had come.

At the edge of the cliff on Guadalupe River Trail in Texas.

Lessons Learned

The Guadalupe River Trail is fairly short (although you must backtrack) and provides a fair amount of lower body work depending on your level of fitness. This is a dirt trail within the woods for the most part and it offers a fantastic walk along the river. Walking, or even swimming in the river is possible. The dirt trails are very narrow and you may find it challenging to get around other hikers. During the weekend expect the trail to be more crowded. We went on a weekday and it was not crowded. If you are looking for more dog friendly things to do, the Guadalupe River Trail is a must see. We loved it. Of course our dog loved it as well. Next time we go, we may just get our feet wet!


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