How is the Dog Park at Panther Springs Park?

Panther Springs Park is a lovely, dog friendly hiking area in Stone Oak. We already covered the trail and the aesthetics of the park itself in a previous post, but did not focus on the dog park. This is a review of the Panther Springs Park Dog Park in Stone Oak, which can be easily accessed from Wilderness Oak Road.

How To Get There

Wilderness Oaks Road can be found north of 1604, between Blanco and Stone Oak Pkwy. You will find the entrance on the west side of the street if you are heading north. The entire park is open from 6am – 8pm everyday. Outside of those times the gate to the lot may block your entrance from both the trail and dog park. There is one portable restroom and you can find it at the trailhead. There is also plenty of drinking water available for you and your dog(s).

Gated transition area at Panther Springs Dog Park.

It’s All About The Size

There seemed to be plenty of parking space available for the 1.5 acre dog park and trail. However, the dog park is split completely in half in order to accommodate large and small dogs. This allows .75 acres for your dog(s) no matter how large or small. Other parks generally allow the larger dogs more space. I would argue that the larger dogs probably need more space to run and play, but you don’t seem to agree with that Stone Oak.

Plenty of dog friendly fountains at the dog park.

Things To Do

As soon as I entered the gate to the large dog park I noticed a dog friendly drinking fountain within the gated area where dogs transition from the outer to inner area. This is a nice idea to keep all of the thirsty dogs from congregating in the drinking area while playing. That’s Abbey in the photo, and she loves to take advantage of the drinking area!

Inside the dog park you will find a few large rocks, a few trees, a couple of obstacles, and a small patio in the center. Surprisingly, there is not a lot of shade inside the dog park, as you can see from the photo. We visited Panther Springs Park mid morning and there were not many paws around. However, I can see how the dog park might seem a little crowded in the evenings and on weekends.

Meet some new friends at Panther Springs Park.

There are obstacles for the dogs to use, but when crowded there won’t be enough to go around. There are a few trees, but this is in San Antonio where it gets very hot. More, or larger trees would provide more shade for our playful pups who are not immune to sunburn. The patio area for us humans is near the center of the dog park. This forces our tail wagging family members to the outside of the space. Either that, or they may congregate on the patio near their humans, which did seem to be the case on this morning.


Panther Springs Park Dog Park has a very nice looking space. There is a decent amount of space for dogs of various sizes, although the large dog park is the same size as the small dog park. There are some obstacles, there is drinking water, and there is shade although it is scarce. Panther Springs Park is very easy to access being right next to the entrance from Wilderness Oak Road. We may visit again while the sun is not high overhead, in order to meet new furry friends and take a very pleasant walk down the wide, concrete trail at the park. Looking for nearby trails with scenic views? Try Stone Oak Park which is also dog friendly and has exercise options.


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