How Long Does it Take to Climb Enchanted Rock?

Enchanted Rock is a large pink granite rock formation in the Texas Hill Country. It is the largest pink granite formation rising 1825 feet above sea level. This sounds rather high, but Enchanted Rock is only 425 feet above its surrounding area. For this reason you will not find Enchanted Rock listed as a mountain. Even so, it is a popular place for tourists, hikers, adventurers, campers, and even some dogs. Read on to find out how long it takes to climb Enchanted Rock.

View of Enchanted Rock while nearing the summit trail.

I’ve climbed Enchanted Rock on three separate occasions. Before I continue, I must be clear that when I say climb, I am referring to walking up on foot. However, the park does allow rock climbing and rappelling. Most people prefer to walk up Enchanted Rock from the summit trail. You will find the summit trail to be a short walk from the parking lot and also connected to the four mile loop trail.

The Summit Trail

Summit trail at Enchanted Rock where the clock started

I took the above picture from the connection of the summit and loop trails. I was here on the fourth of July performing a speed run up the Rock. The clock was started at the point where I took this picture in an attempt to find out how fast I could climb Enchanted Rock. I began with a jog and chose a path, hopping from rock to rock until I reached steeper terrain. I began to push harder with my legs to continue the climb as it became very difficult to jog.

The Climb

It seemed like it took no time at all for my legs and lungs to start burning. I was reduced to a fast walk at times as I continued to pass others on the way up the Rock. Some areas of Enchanted Rock are very steep and I was extremely glad I wore my hiking shoes. The shoes did not fail to grip the Rock at any point. Wearing sandals or basic sneakers would not be a good idea.

The steep pink granite rock appears to be losing sections which may be breaking off the top and sliding downhill.

I continued to scale the steep part of the Rock wishing I could move faster. From the bottom I was expecting to get to the top in about five minutes. In my current position, which was approximately 2/3rds of the way up, I didn’t know if I would make it in ten. I continued to pass others on the way and they probably thought I was crazy for attempting to speed run Enchanted Rock.

Somewhere near the 3/4 mark the incline becomes much easier to manage. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still work, but it’s not nearly as taxing on the legs and lungs as the middle of the Rock. At this point I increased my speed and made a break for the top of Enchanted Rock. Several others stopped to sit on the side facing the parking lot before even reaching the top. Sunset would be coming fairly soon, but it was still nearly 90 degrees outside. By the time I reached the top, where you can see a couple of craters filled with water, 7 minutes and 45 seconds had elapsed. I had reached the top in less than ten minutes, but certainly more than five.

The top of Enchanted Rock

15 – 20 Minutes To Climb Enchanted Rock

I do not believe that regular walkers have that much of an advantage over less active individuals in regards to climbing Enchanted Rock. However, those with better muscular and cardiovascular endurance would have an advantage. The climb does not take much time at all, but it will work your legs and your lungs much more than hiking trails. I would not be surprised if the average person climbs Enchanted Rock in 15-20 minutes. If you are not physically active it may take a bit longer, but you can do it!

The back of Enchanted Rock is also steep

Things To Remember

Enchanted Rock is 425 feet above its surrounding area. This is equivalent to approximately 40 stories. However, stairs are easier to climb than a rocky formation, especially if there is water present. Bring appropriate footwear so that you do not slip. Come prepared with water because shade is limited and it gets very hot in Texas. Do not get heat stroke.

Abbey posing on the trail leading to Enchanted Rock

I brought Abbey (my dog) with me this time at Enchanted Rock because the loop trail, as well as picnic and camping areas are dog friendly. Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed on the rock formations and other trails. The visit will cost $7 per adult, but kids (12 and under) are free. If for some reason, you stay on the Rock until dark, just know that the trip down will be much more difficult. After you climb Enchanted Rock, come back to Places For Pups and tell us about your experience!

A passerby carrying a young child up Enchanted Rock


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