Blogging in 2019 – Are Blogs Still Relevant?

Let’s discuss the relevance of blogging in 2019.  About 12 years ago I learned quite a bit about building websites. Content was king, social media was becoming the next big thing, and you could drive traffic to your website with simple backlinking strategies. Quite a lot has changed since then.


It All Began With Content


Back in the day, you needed high quality content that was unique in order to attract visitors to your website. Yes, the title had to be compelling, but without high quality content your website had little to offer. It also would not rank well among the search engines without manipulating the system. Visitors had the option of adding a comment at the bottom of the page. Comments were supposed to generate discussion, update the page in a sense, and keep people coming back for more. Blogging in 2019, does not seem to work in that way.


There are still compelling titles to be found out there. I’ve been clicking on many of them as of late. However, I find much of the content out there to be lacking. Either it is too long, does not provide adequate information and leaves you with additional questions, or it’s so short that you feel like a victim of clickbait. Furthermore, when I scroll to the bottom there doesn’t seem to be a way to comment, or there are a ton of pictures and links that have no relevance. Consequently, I leave the page feeling like my time has been wasted because I didn’t receive enough information, and I couldn’t request more, or share my opinion on the matter.


Clickbait Is Now King


It seems very hard to find a blog that is relevant these days. There are so many links on the first page of Google that leave me wanting more, and better information. When I want to ask a question, there is no way to do so. Perhaps people are just really good at manipulating the system, making it harder to find relevant information on websites that pertain to my interests. It could be that search engine optimization is to blame. Maybe the search engine itself is faulty. I cannot say for sure. I can only say that there is a lot of garbage floating around out there these days.
Can high quality content be found anywhere blogging in 2019?

Hello? Is there any high quality content in here?

The advancement of mobile devices could have played a role.  What was once a cell phone, is now a computer, pager, navigator, task manager, etc.  Its size would make reading articles rather unpleasant.  It’s much easier to watch a video, view a photo, or use an app.  There are abundant comments flowing on those, so perhaps there is a shift away from websites and onto apps.  Spam has been another concern, but there are ways to regulate that on a blog.  It seems more like authors may have removed the ability to comment because the content isn’t worth it.


I’ve written articles, blog posts, or pieces of short information, whatever you want to call them. I have attempted to answer a question, or provide unique content that revolves around a specific title. I understand that this isn’t how everyone writes. It definitely isn’t how most people currently write. Often times, it seems like someone came up with a really good title, and then just kind of forgot what they were talking about.  What was I saying?  Oh yes, blogging in 2019, and all that.


Over 100,000 Views!


Out of all the stuff I have written over the years, little has withstood the test of time. The websites I once had have since faded away. Unique content which I thought made some fairly compelling arguments have gone unnoticed. Only one of a few things from days gone by remains. I once wrote a Hub about “200 strange and odd facts” for fun. To this day that piece of useless information continues to get more traffic and more comments. In fact, the content was viewed over 100,000 times this past month. Wow! This is what people long to read and talk about these days? 


I could go on and on about content, social media, search results and comments, but there’s probably not much point. Social media sites are more popular than ever. What implications that is going to have on the youngest generation is a completely separate topic. One that not many people are interested in, I imagine. Clickbait is king, and useless information is its servant, while discussions post content are few indeed (social media doesn’t count). Is blogging in 2019, worth it?


Content is dead people!  Long live the King.

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David Earley


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