Is Snooze Dog Friendly? Let’s Find Out

Today we took Miss Abbey for a Snooze. We visited the location in Alamo Heights prior to playing flag football at San Pedro Springs Park. Snooze is a unique looking restaurant which serves breakfast and lunch. Is Snooze dog friendly? It sure is! There is an outdoor patio in the back, as well as a sliding door which provides a more open feeling atmosphere during nice weather. There is no shortage of unique, dog friendly places in San Antonio and we are on a mission to find them.

The Time And Location

This was our second visit to Snooze within the revitalized Alamo Quarry in San Antonio. If you are looking for more locations there are two others on the north side of the city. Don’t forget your four legged family members! The dog friendly restaurant is open from 6:30am – 2:30pm everyday. Whether you are an early bird, or a night owl, you can make it in time for breakfast.

Abbey poses in front of Snooze.

A Unique Look

Snooze is not your typical looking restaurant. The dishes, furniture, and bright colors give it a blended retro and modern look. One might say there are almost too many color clashing variations going on inside. However, the outside contains more neutral colors with a hint of orange. That’s more like it. We ate outside anyway because we were joined by Abbey.

The Menu And Price

The menu contained a wide variety of options for breakfast. I had a difficult time choosing between specialty pancakes, a breakfast burrito, steak medallions, and a shrimp dish. The average price appeared to be a little more than $10. Snooze did not have a gluten free menu, but the server stated they could modify any order to provide a gluten free or dairy free meal.

Is Snooze dog friendly?  Abbey eating an omelet should say it all.

The Taste

I ended up getting an omelet and immediately regretted the decision. The omelet, potatoes, and even the English muffin were not cooked to my liking. It all tasted very bland. It never seems right spending money on something I could have easily prepared at home for a few bucks. I should have gotten one of the specialty dishes. Better luck next time!

The food and prices seem very average at Snooze. Most places are average, that’s why it’s known as average. The basic breakfast dishes took at least 20 minutes which seems a bit long, especially considering mine could have been cooked longer. However, I do prefer most of my food crispy and well cooked. There was a good variety of option on the menu. I may end up liking one of the specialty dishes much more. I just couldn’t pull the trigger on one this time.

Dog friendly ice water at Snooze.

The Experience

The Alamo Quarry is a very nice area to relax outside and have a bite to eat. Although the patio overlooks Basse Road. Since it was a Sunday morning there wasn’t too much traffic. The view could have been better, but it also could have been much worse. I noticed on our ticket that our server had a very interesting name. I wonder if everyone at Snooze has a “fun” restaurant name?

Overall I’d have to say the experience at Snooze was very average. It wasn’t bad, but it definitely wasn’t anything to get excited over either. The variety on the menu did leave me with the desire to try other options. Is Snooze dog friendly? Yes. Is it a unique place in a good location? Yes. Will you find the best breakfast you have ever eaten? Probably not.

A dog friendly day at Snooze in the Alamo Quarry.

It’s an average place to eat breakfast and most people enjoy average food. The prices are a bit high for average food, but I suppose you have to factor in the experience as well. Snooze is unique, dog friendly, and has a wide variety of choices for breakfast. Have you taken your dog for a Snooze?


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