Places for Pups exists to help you find dog friendly places, stay active and discuss your adventures. Here you will find content about hiking trails, restaurants, dog facts, and fitness. Let’s meet the creators of Places for Pups, who share their dog friendly adventures on a daily basis.

The Adventurous Miss Abbey

Abbey is the adventurous star at Places for Pups.

Abbey is well behaved, outgoing, and loves going on adventures. She was rescued by the Animal Defense League, and adopted in 2018 as a one year-old pup. San Antonio, Texas, is her place of residence, and she likes to get out of the house whenever possible.

She enjoys hiking, running, chasing, and anything you throw at her (as long as it’s not in the literal sense). This girl is easy to please. Abbey is most likely a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, descendant of lion hunters! Check her out as she hikes, eats and does other fun things near San Antonio.

One day she may be nationwide, or even international, but for now she is right here, doing her thing. If you love adventures as much as she does, and need ideas for dog friendly things to do, you have come to the right place.

David Earley CPT, CES, CNC

David, and Abbey, pose with a sign found at the Whiskey Bark Park.

David Earley is a lover of dogs, adventurer, certified personal trainer, nutrition coach and flexologist. He graduated from Lewis University in 2011. Since then he has obtained certifications from World Instructor Training Schools, National Academy of Sports Medicine, and American Council on Exercise.

David was also the former health and fitness director at Individual Advocacy Group prior to living in San Antonio, Texas. David has spent the past several years helping people reach their goals, and improve themselves physically.

He enjoys working out, playing sports, reading, writing, and is the main content provider at Places for Pups. He understands that dogs need to improve their activity levels just like people (if not more so), and hopes to play a role in making pups healthy again through fitness.

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