We are active hikers, consistently looking for the best dog friendly places to visit in Texas. Most of our adventures take place in San Antonio, but we also travel into Texas Hill Country and beyond. We are actively updating our site to include more dog friendly things to do near you.

If you would like to see dog friendly places which are not on our site, recommend them to us. Have a dog friendly place you would like us to promote on our site? Use the contact form to let us know. Please keep in mind that we also need our recovery time, since there are so many dog friendly things to do in San Antonio.

Hike, eat, sleep and repeat

If we are not out hiking, we may be taking a brief nap, but we will get back to you as soon as pawsible. If you prefer to leave a public comment you may do so below.

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    • David Earley Post author

      Thank you for the offer, Alexandra. I would definitely be open to exchanging links. I will visit your website ASAP and send you a message…

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