Morgan Falls Overlook Park – Great Family Hangout

Along the Chattahoochee River in Sandy Springs, Georgia, we visited a small, but lovely park with a great view. Morgan Falls Overlook Park is a 28 acre park just south of the river. The park has several amenities, and wonderful views of the river. A short drive down the street you will also find a dog park, and a view of the dam.

The view of Chattahoochee River from Morgan Falls Overlook Park.


  • Dog friendly
  • Public restrooms
  • Boat dock
  • Playground with shade and turf
  • Pavilion with picnic tables
  • Bench swings
  • Fire pit
  • Wooded trail
  • Kayaking
  • Fishing
  • Dog park
The map at the entrance of Morgan Falls Overlook Park in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

The Time and Place

Morgan Falls Overlook Park is open from 8am – 9pm everyday. The busiest time of day is normally in the evening. The park is excellent for family gatherings, short hikes, picnicking, fishing, playing in the water, or sitting by the fire.

The only road which leads to Morgan Falls Overlook Park is Morgan Falls Road. This road connects to Roswell Road, just west of I-19. There are some larger loop trails north of the Chattahoochee River, which is a separate are in Marietta. If you take Morgan Falls Road until it ends, you will reach the dam, and the dog park.

The dog park across from the Chattahoochee River in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

The Entrance

We visited this dog friendly park in the middle of the day in order to hike, and check out the views. The parking lot was fairly empty. Public restrooms are on the north side, and High Country Outfitters Paddle Shack is on the east side. The playground is right next to the public restrooms, along with a sidewalk leading to the overlook. A map of the 28 acre area is viewable upon entering the park. The map reveals the wooded trail and other things to do at Morgan Falls Overlook Park.

The playground looks fun and clean.

Family Friendly

The park is clearly a great place to hangout with family and friends. The playground was the only active spot during midday when we visited. It’s a good size which contains swings, slides, climbing rocks, and a giant spider web. If we’re being honest, I wanted to try that giant spider web, but a couple of kids were using it. The playground is covered with turf, and there are canopies above which provide some shade.

The fire pit and swinging bench seats are a lovely option.

Beyond the playground there is a large pavilion containing many tables for picnicking. Across from the pavilion are several swinging benches which overlook the Chattahoochee River. Follow the sidewalk to its end and you will find a giant fire pit surrounded by more of the swinging benches. What a fantastic place to hangout at sundown with a fire which overlooks the river! We could not stay until sundown, but I did imagine it. Next to the fire pit is a stairway leading down to the boat dock. I’m not sure if fishing is allowed from the dock, but it is where to find the paddle boats.

The north trail entrance at Morgan Falls.


If you enjoy walking through the woods, there is a short trail behind the overlook. One side can be accessed next to the pavilion, and the other is where you enter the parking lot from Morgan Falls Road. The hiking trail is not exactly a loop, but if you include the parking lot and sidewalk, you will be making a loop. The trail winds through a wooded area which is well shaded, and contains only a couple of spots with a view.

The red mushroom.

We entered the woods from the north side, and exited through the parking lot. The trail was very short, probably only about half a mile long. You will not see much of the water, but can get a small view through the trees. We were very well shaded along the walk, and spotted a couple of interesting things. We saw a large, red mushroom which reminded us of, Alice in Wonderland. There were also some trees which had been carved up in, hopefully, what was an artistic manner. The hike was easy enough for any beginner, and there were mosquitoes present.

Once carved tree along the wooded trail.


Morgan Falls Overlook Park is a fantastic place to bring your dog, family, friends, or just your self. It has a ton of amenities even though it is not a large park. The hiking is quick and easy, the playground looks extremely fun, and the view is wonderful. If you have more time to spend at Morgan Falls Overlook Park you could fish, kayak, or play in the water.

Part of the wooded trail at Morgan Falls Overlook Park.

There is a dog park right down the street where your pup can get some extra exercise. However, there is no fountain so bring water with you. We happened to see a group of people painting next to the dam while we checked out the dog park. That looked like fun! The dog park did not look as fun. It had a couple of tires and benches, but it’s better than nothing.

Overall, I’d say Morgan Falls Overlook Park is a must see. It’s clean, it’s fun, it’s near the water, and there are many things to do. In fact, I’ve never seen a park quite like this. It looks like a great place to hangout after dark, next to a bonfire as well. If you live near Sandy Springs, or are visiting and looking for something to do, you should check out Morgan Falls.

The Chattahoochee River from the dam in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

Looking for things to do nearby Morgan Falls Overlook Park? Checkout Gold Branch Trail just north of the Chattahoochee River. The Chattahoochee Nature Center is just north of that, and Chattahoochee River National Area is further upstream.


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