Parks Near San Antonio That Don’t Exist

How is it that parks near San Antonio do not exist? Well, they must have existed at one point because they appear on the map, but are currently inaccessible, or have been modified. I like to explore areas which are new to me. Sometimes these adventures result in good findings, and occasionally they do not.

This article contains a list of parks near San Antonio that are no longer accessible to the public. If you have ever visited one of these parks, please let us know what it was like.

Cibolo Canyons Natural Area

Address (suspected): TPC Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78261

Cibolo Canyons is full of luxury homes and gated communities on the far north side of San Antonio, just east of Stone Oak. The online map shows a natural area on the northwest corner of Evans Road and TPC Pkwy. There are also several trails marked on the map to the north and south of the natural area. However, these areas do not seem to exist anymore.

I drove through the area and could not find an access point. I believe I saw an old trail map at the intersection listed above, but a chainlink fence denied access to the area. Furthermore, all of the neighborhoods are gated in the area.

There are no signs or buildings leading to a hiking area. However, the largest JW Marriott I have ever seen, a pristine golf course, and a ton of luxurious residences do exist. If any hiking trails still exist in Cibolo Canyons, they have been consumed by the gated communities.

Parks near San Antonio can't be found at Cibolo Canyons.
Cibolo Canyons from the Marriott

Vogels Peak

Address: Smithson Valley Road, TX 78261

Vogels Peak is considered a mountain in Bulverde, Texas. It is located between Smithson Valley Road and US-281. This is one of the highest locations listed in Bexar County. Several websites have Vogels Peak listed and mapped, but there is no information available. I drove north on Smithson Valley Road, but was unable to access Vogels Peak.

This area is a few short miles north of Cibolo Canyons, but there does not seem to be any public access. A couple of radio towers are noticeable on top of Vogels Peak. I passed a couple of roads which may lead up to the top, but they were blocked by gates. I was able to get a photo from the road, but nothing more. Driving south on US-281 I noticed several other peaks which seemed to be as tall as Vogels Peak. Several homes are positioned near the top of those peaks.

There are many peaks in the San Antonio area, but most of them seem to be used by the military. However, Vogels peak being inaccessible to the public, has driven me to see what else I can find. I imagine Hill Country State Natural Area will be the best place for the public to travel the hills.

A view of Vogels Peak from the north side of the road.
Vogels Peak

Limestone Cliff

Address: 7110 FM1863, San Antonio, TX 78261

Follow FM 1863 east from US-281 and you will find an area with a limestone cliff in Bulverde, Texas. The cliff stretches for hundreds of feet behind the winding Cibolo Creek. According to the topography the cliff is over one thousand feet high. I noticed an RV and a house on top, both of which have a VERY good view to the south.

I’m sure Vogels Peak is easy to see from the top of the cliff. It’s doubtful downtown San Antonio can be seen (even with binoculars), but I wouldn’t mind finding out. Unfortunately, the limestone cliff seems to be surrounded by residences and ranches. Observing the cliff must be done while driving by, or by parking on the side of the road.

There are a couple of very good online reviews about the limestone cliff, but there is no parking area for public use. I could not tell whether or not it was okay to explore the area. There did not appear to be hiking trails of any kind. Cloud View Drive is at the top, but I did not attempt to follow it while I was near the cliff.

A view of the Limestone Cliff from Cibolo Creek.
The Limestone Cliff in Bulverde

Medallion Park

Address (suspected): High Mountain Road, San Antonio, TX 78255

This park is also known as William and Faye Sinkin Natural Area. It is located between Loop 1604 and the golf course at La Cantera in San Antonio. It holds a San Antonio Parks sign, but is not open to the public. Medallion Park is about the same size as Crownridge Canyon Park, and probably contains similar aspects.

I’m not sure why this park is closed and have been unable to find any other information on it. I have no idea if it has been used as a public park, or if it will be in the future. The description tag on the San Antonio Parks website says it is permanently closed. Do not attempt to visit Medallion Park because it does not exist. One can only wonder about its purpose.

Rancho Diana Natural Area

Address (suspected): 8250 Vista Colina, San Antonio, TX 78255

This park is hidden on most maps of San Antonio. However, the size of Rancho Diana makes it hard to miss. It looks like this park is connected to the Cedar Creek Golf Course on the northwest side of San Antonio. Medallion Park is its smaller neighbor to the east. Senator Frank L Madla Natural Area appears to be across Menchaca Road.

Rancho Diana appears to contain 1300 acres of space. However, some of that space may have been renamed, or used for other purposes. There is very little information about the park online. In the past it was a working ranch, and there were two very large residences within.

What is Rancho Diana today? It does not seem to be open to the public, but there may be plans to make it available in the future. The nearby golf course, and Frank L Madla Natural Area may be accessible, but Rancho Diana is not.

Parks near San Antonio can be illuminating.
Friedrich Wilderness Park

Hiking Trails

I’ve been hiking in San Antonio with my dog throughout the year. Almost all of the parks and trails are dog friendly with the exception of a few. Every once in awhile we come upon a park which is just not that great, or it does not exist at all. The parks near San Antonio in this article are some of the ones I have found which cannot be accessed.

If you have visited any of them let us know what they were like. If you have been to any other places that should be on this list, please comment below and I may add them after doing my own research. I will continue to update this list of parks near San Antonio that do not exist as others (if any) are found because we would like to adventure there.

I’m a certified personal trainer in San Antonio. After adopting Abbey, I created Places for Pups to help you get outside, exercise with your dog and have fun doing it. We have mastered hiking in Texas Hill Country. Though we emerge from the woods unharmed, we are not responsible for you or your pets. You are solely responsible for trying exercises, or places discussed on this site. Grab the best hiking gear and go dog friendly.  I wish you good fortune on the trails to come.

David Earley


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