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I’m a Certified Personal Trainer in San Antonio, TX

My name is David Earley, and I am a results-driven personal trainer in San Antonio, Texas. I work in-home and outdoors to help people reach their health and fitness goals. I’ve been serving others in the health and fitness industry for nearly 10 years. I realize exercise and a healthy diet are not easy lifestyles to master. Everyone needs help with something. How is your health? How well can you move? If you want to become better today, I can help you.

As a personal trainer in San Antonio, Texas, I also provide MMA Conditioning.
I help others feel better and live longer!

I love coaching, and helping people of all ages reach their goals. There is nothing better than making a difference in someone else’s life through diet, or exercise. Helping others move better and live a potentially longer life is a true honor. What can I do to help you become better? I discuss that below, but feel free to leave me a comment, or send me an email after reading if you still have questions.

Note – As you scroll through this page you will notice I also provide in-home personal training in New Braunfels, San Marcos and Austin, along the I-35 corridor. If you are seeking an in-home personal trainer in these areas outside of San Antonio, I will be happy to travel to you.

Why Am I Qualified?

Personal Training Experience and Skills

Over 1,000 hours of training experience

Lewis University graduate

7 different certifications from 4 certifying institutions

Experienced with all age groups

Experienced with disabilities

Capable of empathizing with other perspectives

Those I’ve Helped as an In-Home Personal Trainer in San Antonio

I’ve only been a personal trainer in San Antonio, Texas, for a few years. I moved here from the suburbs of Chicago, where I gained the majority of my experience. I love working with others who enjoy reaching their goals through physical activity. Below are a few examples. I’ll try to keep it as short as possible because I have worked with many different types of people.

  • Seniors with muscle imbalances and postural issues
  • Seniors who desire strength and conditioning
  • Youth athletes who need to improve speed and agility for sports
  • Parents who want their kids to have fun being more active (think little ninja warriors)
  • Physically disabled individuals who want to exercise
  • Individuals with intellectual disabilities who want to compete in sports
  • Middle aged individuals who want to lose weight, or improve their body composition
  • People who want to improve flexibility through assisted stretching

CEO Testimonial from My Work as a Health and Fitness Director

Mr. Earley developed and implemented IAG’s exercise programs for people with specialized needs. He was able to motivate people by developing very specialized physical fitness activities. As a result of his work, people began to develop muscle strength, increase cardio endurance, increase flexibility of movement and improve overall physical wellbeing. He made exercise fun by creating team competitions as well as individual challenges. People that previously did not want to exercise began to look forward to his sessions

Mr. Earley also provided consultation in healthy eating. He worked tirelessly with staff and the individuals to develop nutritious menus. Because of his influence, many people changed their lifestyle and began to eat more nutritiously.

Mr. Earley created a Fitness Program that was State of the Art. So many people that never cared about their health and physical wellbeing changed their lifestyle because of his influence. People began to feel better about their self-esteem.

I highly recommend Mr. Earley. He is a dedicated professional that is committed to improving a person’s quality of life in the pursuit of their physical health and wellness goals.

Dr. Bennett

Founder/CEO/Executive Director

In-Home Personal Training Skills and Specialities

As a personal trainer in San Antonio, with nearly 10 years of experience I have attained a few specialties. I am certified by the American Council on Exercise, or the National Academy of Sports Medicine in the following areas.

Corrective Exercise

Assessing clients for postural dysfunction and muscular imbalances is important. Imbalances lead to inflammation, pain, and poor posture. Any postural issues, or imbalances on either side of a joint are addressed at the beginning of my personal training programs. Clients will (most likely) work on flexibility, mobility and activation outside of sessions as well.

Fitness Nutrition

Many people often wonder what types of foods they should eat and when they should eat them. Your diet will probably play a big part in how you feel before and after you exercise. I will help you choose more appropriate macro nutrients, which align with your goals during a personal training program.

Weight Loss

Most people want to look different, or fit into older, smaller clothing. However, our food industry makes this very difficult for most people. If you desire to change your body composition, I will take periodic measurements and plan your personal training program accordingly. The journey will be hard and life changing, but YOU can do it.

I'm an in home personal trainer in San Antonio now, but I used to work at this private gym.
Let’s make San Antonio fit again

Strength Training

Increasing our lean muscle mass and bone density are important as we get older. Without resistance training, our bodies will consistently deteriorate over time. In order to combat this, your personal training program must include resistance. I will help you set strength goals to improve your health and quality of life.

MMA Conditioning

Mixed Martial Arts has become a popular form of cardiovascular exercise recently. Striking and kicking are good ways to increase your heart rate, and work up a sweat. I’m not trained to coach fighters, but I can incorporate MMA into your personal training program. You know, for those of you who hate cardio, but love to hit stuff!

Speed and Agility

Many athletes must be able to move quickly in various directions whilst playing sports. Most people are not athletic superstars from birth, but must attain their skills through training. If you play baseball, football, hockey, soccer, basketball, or rugby, you need to be able to move quickly on the field. I will design your personal training program to improve your speed and agility relative to your sport.

Client Testimonial from My Work as a Personal Trainer in the Gym

I was concerned about working out because of old injuries to my shoulder and rotator cuff that had limited range of motion and had been a source of persistent pain over 40 years. Dave took great interest in improving the issues with my shoulder and after months of well designed exercises I have greatly improved range of motion and now have no pain in my shoulder area. This was a benefit from working with a trainer I did not expect.

I have lost weight, now have much better muscle tone and actually look forward to showing up and going through the often peculiar set of routines. Now when I walk down the street, I am ready for the unlikely need to throw a 40 pound canvas bag over my head. Finally, there is the fun of having a couple of 20 year olds watch you complete working out with a set of weights and then say, “Do what the old guy did” – and they can’t. So, when you are over 65, I recommend you give yourself a “GIFT”.

D. Brooks

How Much Does a Personal Trainer in San Antonio Cost?

What is your health and wellbeing worth? How much would you be willing to pay to improve your health, or appearance? Is any price too high when it comes to feeling better, or living longer?

As a certified personal trainer in San Antonio, Texas, I charge $75 per hour. However, a 15% discount is available for those who train with me three times per week. If you are willing to invest in your future, that’s like getting two free personal training sessions every month. View my personal training packages for monthly prices, with discounts included.

Text or leave me a voicemail (training inquiries only), and we can setup a free consultation. You choose the place, if you prefer, and we can determine if this is a good fit. Be prepared to discuss your health history, your relationship with exercise and your goals.

There’s more…

You Get All This Other Stuff!

When you hire me as your in-home personal trainer, you aren’t simply getting a coach, or role model. You are receiving very personal access to an educated professional who cares about your health and wellbeing. You are investing in yourself – YOUR LIFE! Together, we will achieve greatness by accomplishing your goals.

I'm a personal trainer in San Antonio and love to go hiking with my dog. High five at Pedernales Falls.
My puppy girl and I, achieving greatness in Hill Country

Oh, you also get these benefits as well:

  • Daily motivation
  • Fitness and dietary guidance
  • Injury prevention
  • Realistic goal setting
  • Better and faster results
  • Accountability
  • New lifestyle habits learned
  • Progressive challenges

These are some of the priceless benefits you receive working with an educated and experienced in-home personal trainer. You’ve got nothing to lose when you have the opportunity to look better, feel better and/or live longer.

As your personal trainer in San Antonio, I will travel to you. I have my own training equipment which includes resistance bands, stability devices, adjustable dumbbells, chains, weighted vest, striking pads, boxing gloves, medicine balls, and portable benches. Additionally, I have a barbell and bumper plates (over 300 pounds) available for use in my home gym.

You have the luxury of choosing the training location. I can travel to your location, or you may come to mine, if you prefer. We can train at your residence, at your work, or at one of the many parks in San Antonio. I’ve been visiting all of the city and state parks ever since we adopted our amazing dog. I take her hiking on a daily basis. Any park would be a great place to train, depending upon your heat tolerance.

Why You Need Personal Training in San Antonio: Real Life Examples

Sometimes it’s difficult to see how changes in diet and activity can affect our health. Parts of our bodies deteriorate slowly over time, and we may not even notice. Eventually, we can find ourselves “out of shape” because we haven’t been taking necessary steps to stay healthy.

Getting out of a chair, or walking up a flight of stairs should not be difficult. Our bodies are built to move and we should be able to move well. We should not be stuck in one place, or in constant pain. Can you bend over and pick up your kids (or grandkids) without hurting your back? Does your entire body feel tight and restricted after sitting in a chair at work all day? Can you complete daily chores without the urge to sit down and rest?

My home gym near San Antonio, Texas

Working with a certified personal trainer will make your daily tasks easier, and help prevent future injuries. You need me to be your in-home personal trainer in San Antonio if:

  • You have poor posture and want to correct it
  • Your back gives you problems due to poor posture, or improper movement patterns
  • Tasks which used to be easy are now difficult and require rest
  • You want to maintain/gain strength, lean muscle and bone density as you age
  • Looking in the mirror makes you feel unhappy and you want to make specific changes to your body
  • You need a coach who can provide motivation, education and proper program design
  • Exercise is too boring and needs to be more fun

Know Your Goal

We all have goals. Certain goals can be unrealistic, unattainable, or unhealthy. I will NOT help people lose weight through starvation, or fad diets. Diets are fine, they simply need to be realistic. I cannot help you work through an injury unless you are cleared by a physician, or physical therapist. Athletic trainers work with injuries, personal trainers (should) seek to prevent them from happening.

I’m not a magician and cannot help you turn fat into muscle. I don’t know where this idea came from, but it’s simply not possible. Our bodies store fat cells which can get used as fuel in times of need, or rest underneath the skin. Muscles move things such as our bones, internal organs and food as it is digested. They are powered by ATP, (you probably don’t care about this part, but it’s all pretty fascinating) glucose, which comes from carbs and finally, stored fat cells if necessary.

During periods of starvation the body can break down its own muscle tissue for energy (that’s bad). This is just one reason why I don’t recommend eating fewer calories than your body needs in a day. Some people who want to lose weight don’t really care about the process, but I care people! I don’t want you to lose precious muscle mass just to see a lower number on the scale.

I want you to reach your goals, but it needs to be done safely and realistically. Choose realistic goals which can be reached within an appropriate time frame. If you aren’t sure how to do that, I will help you during our free consultation.

Education is Important

My Education

Bachelor of Arts from Lewis University

WITS Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

———Fitness Nutrition Specialist

———Weight Management Specialist

——————Athletic Performance for Sport and Life

——————Low Back Health and the Core

——————Finding Nutritional Balance

NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

———MMA Conditioning Specialist

Certified Flexologist

Hire Me as Your In-Home Personal Trainer in San Antonio

Why are you still reading this? Do you have goals you are unable to reach on your own? Does your diet need immediate assistance? Have you tried and failed? Do you want someone to show you what works, and guide you along the path to success? Let’s schedule a time to meet and talk about YOU.

If you love writing (like I do) and prefer email, you can use my contact form to send an email. What do you have to gain? Improved health, better mobility (potentially pain-free), and more time on this planet! Yeah, those are a few of the benefits. Pull the trigger and hire me as your in-home personal trainer in San Antonio. You will not regret it. In fact, your body will thank you. I want you to look better, feel better, and live longer too!

Areas I Serve for In-Home and Outdoor Personal Training

Are you looking for an in-home personal trainer in New Braunfels, San Marcos, or Austin, Texas? I serve all areas of the I-35 corridor from Austin to San Antonio. There are plenty of great places to train outside in this area, or I can also provide in-home personal training. Do you have space to train at your home? Let’s meet at your place 2-3 times per week and get your goals accomplished.

In-Home Personal Training in New Braunfels, Texas

New Braunfels is a lovely town about 20 minutes outside of San Antonio. I spend a lot of time here. New Braunfels is full of nice people and exciting outdoor activities. Do you live in New Braunfels, TX? Let’s train at Landa Park, Fischer Park, or Cypress Bend along the Guadalupe River. Personal training in New Braunfels can be fun and rewarding. Hire me as your personal trainer in New Braunfels, and I will help you improve your health and life.

In-Home Personal Training in San Marcos

San Marcos is about halfway between San Antonio and Austin, along the I-35 corridor. This is a very up-and-coming college town. I’ve been exploring the large parks and natural areas here with my family; Purgatory Creek, Ringtail Ridge, and Spring Lake Preserve are great places to train. Of course, Bicentennial Park and Texas State University are great places for personal training in San Marcos. Hire me as your personal trainer in San Marcos for weight loss, strength, and endurance training.

In-Home Personal Training in Austin, Texas

Austin is a bit of a drive from San Antonio, but I’m good with it. I visit Austin occasionally and notice many people walking, running and biking along the Colorado River. I have yet to visit most of the parks in Austin, but it’s on the agenda. Austin is also a college town, and home of the more well-known Texas Longhorns. Austin is a fantastic area to train for sports and distance events. Hire me as your personal trainer in Austin if you need help getting in shape and improving your abilities.

Online Personal Training (Virtual Coaching)

Online personal training, or virtual coaching, has become very popular during the past decade. I do not currently offer an online personal training program. I prefer to work in one-on-one, or small group settings as an in-home personal trainer in San Antonio, Texas. Why? I need to be able to see people move. It’s very difficult to monitor posture, and exercise form online. If you simply desire programming or coaching in the virtual sense, let me know. I will be open to offering online coaching to impact more individuals.

However, if you live in the area, I will travel to nearby cities including Boerne, Bulverde and New Braunfels to provide in-home personal training. Please feel free to contact me either way. If you have reached this point, you probably aren’t looking for a personal trainer near San Antonio, but you must enjoy reading. If so, I would be happy to direct you to my best health, fitness and personal training articles:

Two Ways to Subscribe

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to subscribe to my newsletter, and checkout my Youtube channel – Pawsitively Adventurous. This channel was formerly, Earley Fitness. I changed it because I prefer to share dog friendly ways to stay active outdoors. I may be a personal trainer in San Antonio, but I also love to get out of the house and go on dog friendly adventures. There’s a ton of information out there about fitness. There’s less information about getting active outdoors, especially when it involves pets, but it’s something I enjoy sharing with others.

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