San Pedro Springs Park – the First Dog Friendly Park in Texas

San Pedro Springs Park gets its name from some of the springs which help fill the San Antonio River, as well as the famous Saint Peter. I play football at San Pedro Springs Park and had no idea, until recently, that it is the oldest park in Texas. Discovered by Spanish missionaries in the early 1700’s, it led to the beginning of the city of San Antonio. Prior to the missionaries finding the springs, a Coahuiltecan group are believed to have lived nearby. A much older group of people, approximately 12,000 years old, may have left artifacts after using the site as well.

This was some fascinating historical information to obtain about a place my dog and I use on a regular basis. She seems to be less interested in the history and much more interested in the squirrels that live and play in the oak trees at the park. I would not have guessed that San Pedro Springs had such a history. However, modifications are always being made to our historical areas in an attempt to improve appearances. Of course, I can’t make the argument that this was the first park to allow dogs. I do like to thinks so! Even so, the park is dog friendly and the first discovered in Texas!

The spring at San Pedro Springs park in San Antonio.


  • Dog friendly
  • Public restrooms
  • Swimming pool
  • Concrete trails
  • Well shaded
  • Picnic areas
  • Open fields for sports
  • Library
  • Theatre
  • Tennis courts

San Pedro Springs is nearly 50 acres, most of which contains other structures. It also contains a library, a theatre, several tennis courts and a public swimming pool. I’m not sure that’s currently the case due to a metal fence being placed around the pool. This implies that it is no longer publicly available. There is also a kids swing set, picnic areas and sidewalks that venture around and through the park.

Abbey, on the south side of the park where we play football.

Pick It Up

The park hours online indicate that it’s open 24 hours a day. However, the signs inside the park indicate otherwise. This may be because the city does not want people sleeping in the park. One of the only downsides to San Pedro Springs is the amount of litter and clothing lying around. The park is just north of downtown San Antonio and may be a popular place for homeless people to stay. Either that or those picnicking and playing around are littering. I try to pick up the garbage I see and toss it in one of the many recycle bins while walking my dog. There are plenty of garbage cans in the park and no excuse for throwing garbage on the ground. Pick up after yourselves people!

An overlooking view of the park.

San Pedro Springs is an amazing place and has been for thousands of years. Let’s keep it that way. Overall the park is well shaded, but some of the areas are open to direct sunlight. The open space is perfect for sporting events. I come here at least once a month to play flag football or kickball with meet up groups. My dog enjoys squirrel watching, squirrel chasing and hiking around the park. San Pedro Springs is one of the parks in San Antonio that we frequent the most. The park has a lot of history and there is a lot we can do in it. Looking for things to do nearby? Checkout The Historic Pearl, The Japanese Tea Garden, or Headwaters Sanctuary to the east.

The community pool at San Pedro Springs Park in San Antonio.


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