Essential List of Gear for Hiking in 2020

Hiking Gear for Dogs (and humans)

This page contains a very short list of dog friendly hiking gear we use on a daily basis. It may also reveal a few “must have” items you need (for you) while hiking with your dog. We’ve kept this hiking gear for dogs list down to a minimum because there is only so much you can carry on your adventure.

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I’m not going to lie to you, “best” is a pretty subjective word. There are many options to choose from when considering hiking gear for you, and your dog. Sometimes others ask about hiking gear we use on our adventures, and we share our favorites here. Disclosure – We may earn a small commission if you purchase gear through the affiliate links on this page. We enjoy them, and you will too. Thank you for supporting our future adventures!

Best Shoes for Hiking Trails

Sometimes we find ourselves on long and challenging adventures with our Rhodesian Ridgeback. During those times I am glad I found these hiking shoes which are very comfortable and stylish. The best shoes for hiking trails need to withstand long (five hour) hikes in Texas Hill Country.

Personally, I’d prefer more options in the way of color, but it’s a small price to pay for comfort and durability. There are waterproof options as well if you plan on getting wet. Overall, these hiking shoes look great, and conquer the trails with ease.

Backpacking, Rucking and Travel Bags

Backpacks have become popular pieces of gear while hiking. You can carry much needed items like water, snacks and first aid, or weighted plates to improve your abilities. Depending on your goals, you will probably need to carry something at some point. It might be a bag, a backpack, or a rucksack. We’ve got you covered when it’s time to pack up, and hit the trails.

Resistance Bands

As a certified personal trainer, I am a huge fan of resistance bands. You can easily carry them everywhere, and use them whenever you want. These Undersun resistance bands come in a set of five (ultralight – extra heavy).

There are more ways to exercise with these resistance bands than you can imagine. Undersun resistance bands are extremely durable, and eco-friendly. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s impossible to get stronger while hiking. Take a set of bands on your next hike and improve your strength with resistance training.

Best Harness for Hiking with Dogs

We’ve tried several different types of harnesses, and the Front Range Harness is our favorite. This harness is made by Ruffwear. It has been very durable, useful, and it appears more comfortable than other harness types. The extra loop in the front is most useful as a pulling deterrent.

If your dog is a puller, just attach the leash to the front loop. Prior to walking, our dog loves to stick her head through the opening (that’s called getting dressed) while we attach the two buckles around the ribs. It’s so exciting!

Best Leash for Hiking

The Roamer Leash is made by Ruffwear, and it’s the best leash for hiking we have used. The latch attaches securely to the harness, and the opposite end can be wrapped around your waist. This frees up both hands for use along the trails. However, I still find myself grabbing the leash on more challenging trails, and hills.

I love the orange color and the extra extendability of the Roamer Leash. We use the longer leash which extends from 7 – 11 feet, and could also be used with a bike. There is a shorter leash (5 – 7 feet), and a few other color options. The hands-free feature is its best quality.

Comfortable Sandals for Dog Walking

I don’t normally recommend sandals while hiking, but these are different. These sandals are perfect for warm climate areas. If you plan on hiking in parks with concrete trails, or getting your feet wet, they will serve you well. Uneeks are good all year in Texas, and they look great too. These sandals will probably not be available for long.

Collapsable Water Bowl

The Bivy Bowl is a collapsable water bowl for your dog. Fold it flat, carry it in a backpack, on your person, or attach it to a dog harness. It’s one of the best ways to provide water for your dog on the go, and it transports easily. We’ve been using a collapsable bowl for years. It’s the best way for our dog to grab a drink on the road, or on the trail.


I prefer not to use a collar while using a harness, but Knot-a-Collar is an exception. It’s simply aesthetically pleasing. Let’s be honest, it doesn’t serve any other purpose than a traditional collar. However, if you prefer a less ordinary collar for your dog, you may like Knot-a-Collar too.

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