South Side Lions Dog Park Needs More Dogs

Calling all south side dogs of San Antonio, you are needed at South Side Lions Dog Park. We visited South Side Lions Park for the first time this weekend in order to do some fishing. We happened to notice the dog park across the street next to the Senior Center. Both the building and the dog park appeared quite new, but there was only one problem. We stopped by to use the dog park, but there were no other dogs at the park.

How To Get There

South Side Lions Dog Park is on the southeast side of San Antonio, between I-10 and I-37. Whether you are coming from I-10 or I-37, use Pecan Valley Drive to find South Side Lions Dog Park. In order to park at the dog park, you will need to pull into the Senior Center parking lot on the west side of the street. It may be difficult to see the dog park from the street, but it is on the south side of the Senior Center.

A view of the dog park from the parking lot.

What It Contains

South Side Lions Dog Park is smaller than the average dog park in San Antonio. The park contains roughly a quarter acre of off leash space, whereas several others contain 1.5 acres. There appeared to be just as much open space leading up to the dog park, if not more. That area could be used to double the size of the park. As we approached the gate we also noticed a large pile of droppings. Apparently someone thought it did not need to be picked up if no one was around to see it.

The sidewalk at South Side Lions Dog Park is very long.

There is a long sidewalk leading up to the gate. The transition area must be used by all dogs before they enter a specific area. The large dog area is at least twice the size of the small dog area. Each area contains a dog friendly fountain and is fairly well shaded by older trees.

Abbey enters the gate to the dog park.

Unfortunately there are no obstacles in the dog park. However, you could get creative and use some of the various trees for training. The dog park contains benches, but no tables for eating. The ground was in need of additional covering and was quite dirty. Had it been wet outside, we would’ve ended up leaving the park with muddy feet.

The dog park is well shaded, but it contains no obstacles.


South Side Lions Dog Park is in an area with access to several dog friendly places on the southeast side of San Antonio. It is across from a very popular, dog friendly fishing area, next to a Senior Center that still looks new. Although the dog park is small, it seems like a very nice place where dogs can have a great time. We visited South Side Lions Park East prior to using the dog park. Afterwards we visited Martin Luther King Park which was also a pleasant surprise. Several San Antonio Missions are nearby to the west, as well as the southern stretch of the San Antonio Riverwalk.

South Side Lions Dog Park appears muddy and empty.

There is no shortage of dog friendly places on the south side of San Antonio. We found this dog park while visiting the south side. The parks in the area were quite a surprise because many of the residences are in need of work. The dog park could use additional ground cover in order to prevent muddy feet. Other than that it is a great place to bring your dog. Which reminds me that it is in need of more dogs. If you live on the south side of San Antonio, bring your dog out to South Side Lions Dog Park. Exercise and socialization aren’t only beneficial to us, they’re necessary for dogs too. Let’s get those dogs out of the house!


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