Stone Oak Park – Get Stronger with Scenic Views

Stone Oak Park is a small, but scenic park containing exercise stations, a playground, and dog friendly trails. It contains both a loop trail and linear trail which are split apart by Stone Oak Parkway. Surprisingly, there are three separate parking lots even though the trail is relatively short. The area provides lovely views and alternative methods of activity. The park is perfect for families, or individuals interested in outdoor workouts.

The Stone Oak Park trail map.


  • Dog friendly
  • Exercise stations (pull-ups, push-ups and sit-ups)
  • Playground (south side)
  • Portable toilets (south side)
  • Linear trail (south) and loop trail (north)
  • Natural caves (no access)

This dog friendly park contains trails which are easy to navigate. I parked in the lot connected to the loop trail which is north of Stone Oak Parkway. There is also a lot south of the parkway, and another south of Evans Road next to the middle school. In order to start at the beginning you would need to park south of Evans Road. The entire trail is approximately 3 miles long, and the park is open from 5am – 11pm.

Abbey and I completed one trip around the loop and the total step count was 3,539. Although the trail is paved, it contains a mix of rock which makes it rather bumpy. That being said, the trail is still good for beginners and may work well for running and biking. The trail is short, but it offers some fantastic views.

The loop trail with wide open views.

Wide Open View

The very first thing I noticed upon arriving at Stone Oak Park was the view. The woods are not nearly as dense in this area making shade harder to come by during the day. Many expensive looking residences can also be seen from various points along the trail. This is not a typical nature walk. This may be good or bad depending on what type of trail you prefer. The view was a nice surprise, although I expected the hike to involve a mix of nature and urban environments.

The bear cave area along the loop trail protected by a metal cage.

Trail Activities

The loop trail contains a path that dead ends at a minor cave which is marked off limits. However, it’s possible to get into the area and underneath the ledge. An underground cave can be found at another point along the loop. This cave is labeled the Bear Cave and is completely blocked by a large metal cage. The sign does not advise getting close to the cage. It also states there may be bones down there. Cool! I’m sure there was something down there because Abbey wanted to get closer for a better sniff. Normally I allow her to catalog scents, but this was not one of those times because getting lost in an underground cave was not on the itinerary for the day.

The pull-up bar at Stone Oak Park along the loop trail.

Options To Get Stronger

The loop trail also contains a path near the center connecting each side. This allows anyone the option of hiking a figure eight route instead of a loop. The extra distance hiked would be minor, but options are generally better when it comes to adventuring. Speaking of options, there are also several areas along the path dedicated to exercise. There is a pull-up area, push-up area, and a permanent decline bench for performing sit-ups.

A decline bench for sit-ups at Stone Oak Park.

As a fitness professional, I know for a fact these areas are a great way to improve your muscular endurance. They will also increase your heart rate during a hike where it remains relatively stable. These were fantastic options to see on our hike! A couple of areas had no stationary equipment so I assumed they were for improvisation. Perhaps a great way to get some jumping jacks in, or a round of single leg deadlifts.

Scenic view of Stone Oak Park from the hill.


Our first visit to Stone Oak Park was a good surprise. I did not expect it to be very wooded due to the area. At the same time, the trail area does not back to residences like you see in some parks. You will see some homes which are primarily far off and on hill sides. Stone Oak Park is a great place to get extra activity while enjoying the scenic views. Before entering the loop, head up the hill near the parking area and you will gain an excellent view of Stone Oak Park and its surroundings.

A view of mansions between the leafless branches at Stone Oak Park.

The trail is dog friendly and even contains a dog friendly water fountain at the start of the loop. However, there is a sign warning the public of potential interactions with bobcats and other wildlife. We only spotted a single doe and a large paw print in the dirt. The print seems to resemble a very large cat paw, but I’m no expert. Abbey weighs more than 60 pounds and this print is quite a bit larger than hers. I was hoping a much bigger dog came through recently, but it looks like the paw of a very large cat with sharp claws! What do you think?

A large paw print in the dirt at Stone Oak Park, possibly belonging to a bobcat.


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