Why Panther Springs Park is a Dog Friendly Hike

Panther Springs Park is located in the Stone Oak area and this is a review of the hiking trail. Panther Springs Park is a short drive north of 1604 in San Antonio. You can gain access to the 2.5 mile trail from two points on Wilderness Oak Road. If you park near the north end of the trail there is access to a dog park from the parking lot. The dog park is the first reason to hike at Panther Springs Park. It is also one of the many dog friendly things to do in San Antonio. The park is open from sunrise to sunset and you will notice the entrance is gated.

This wonderful trail is one of many dog friendly things to do in San Antonio.


  • Dog friendly
  • Portable toilets
  • Some shade
  • Wide concrete trail (2.5miles)
  • Linear or loop options
  • Handicap accessible
  • Dog park
Panther Springs Park has a very wide and easy trail.

The Path

As soon as you enter the trail you will notice its size. The entire trail is concrete and so it is handicap accessible. You may follow the trail from the northeast side to the southwest side and return, or you can use the loop near the center. There are, in fact, two forks in the trail on either end of the loop connecting the trail.

Our total step count was 5,060 going from the northeast parking lot around the loop and back. The path is very wide and easy to navigate for those with a beginner level of fitness. Couple that with the ability to choose more than one direction and you have the second reason to hike here.

The cacti were in abundance during the hike.

The Surroundings

Due to the paths size you will be bathed in sunlight during the day. However, as you hike you will pass through several areas of shade. There are a few concrete benches and tables in case you need to rest or have a snack. If you live in close proximity, Panther Springs Park is a must visit. Furthermore, the walk is pleasant and the beautiful park contains a variety of plant life. During the morning the park was not crowded, but more foot traffic can be expected during the evenings and weekends.

A fork in the Panther Springs Park loop trail.

Many passersby seemed eager to say hello as we enjoyed the walk. Consequently, this made the park seem like a more friendly place. The concrete trail is enclosed in a wooded area. Even so, the blending of cactus, flowers, flat rocks and various trees gives it a more unique feel. As a result the aesthetics of the park are easily the third reason to hike at Panther Springs.

The parking lot to the north contains a restroom (the portable kind) and a drinking fountain for you or your dog, two must haves in a San Antonio park. The entire area is dog friendly and pleasantly enjoyable. Panther Springs Park is a must hike if you are looking for dog friendly things to do in San Antonio.


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