Tom Slick Dog Park in San Antonio

Tom Slick Dog Park is a great place to visit if your dog loves playing in water. One of the unique qualities about Tom Slick Park is the amount of water nearby. Not only is there a pond, but there’s also a tub inside the dog park to help keep those pups clean and cool. If you have a dog who loves playing in water, he will love Tom Slick Dog Park.

The entrance to the dog park.
The entrance to Tom Slick Dog Park

How to Get to Tom Slick Dog Park in San Antonio, TX

Address: 7400 Texas 151 Access Rd, San Antonio, TX 78227

Dog park size: 1 acre

Hours of operation: 5am – 11pm

Tom Slick Dog Park is easy to access because one parking lot is located along the eastbound SH-151 frontage road, coming from I-410. Early in the day there was plenty of available parking when we visited the park. Later in the day you may have to take advantage of the overflow parking area beyond the outdoor basketball court.

There is an entrance to the park on the south side at Timbercreek Drive, which will require a short walk by the pond. This may, or may not, save you from dealing with traffic on SH-151, or I-410. Traffic may be a limiting factor for those not living nearby. However, if you can get to Tom Slick Park, it has several unique qualities your dog might enjoy.

The water tub at Tom Slick Dog Park.
The dogs play in the washtub

Take a Look Inside the Dog Park

The dog park is approximately one acre, and contains separate areas for small dogs and large dogs. When visiting the dog park you will notice an outdoor basketball court, playground, ball field, and a couple of large portable toilets at the end of the parking lot. In front of the entrance there is a large workout area with cover overhead.

The workout area is a very nice feature, and enables us humans to get some much needed exercise while our dogs do their own thing. No one was using the workout area when we visited the park. The small dog area was vacant because the city closed it in order to take care of some renovations.

All dogs are created equal, but consider the risk before bringing your small dog into the large dog area. Different sized dogs do not always mix well. You can read more about one tragic instance in our article, “Are Dog Parks Safe Enough?

Sidewalks at Tom Slick Park

Once I let Abbey loose in the transition area she was quickly greeted by the only male dog (the pit bull) in the park. He seemed to like Abbey very much and would not leave her alone. Normally she loves being chased, but this time I think she was running away for real! She’s not playing hard to get, dude!

Dog Park Amenities at Tom Slick Park

Tom Slick dog park is littered with nice features, but I think the tub of water is the best. It’s connected to the dog friendly water fountain and you can refill it with the push of a button. However, it seems as though the dogs were more interested in drinking the dirty tub water, instead of the fresh fountain water. Is it a big deal? Probably not in comparison to the other things dogs put in their mouths. Let’s all have a splashing good time!

Obstacles for dog agility at the dog park.
The agility zone at Tom Slick Park

One area is dedicated to dog agility, which is where the obstacles are contained. The agility area is small, with only a handful of obstacles, but it’s better than nothing. A small amount of grass is within the area, but the dog park is primarily filled with mulch. A concrete sidewalk also runs through the park and seems to take up quite a bit of space. I don’t understand the layout of the park. It looks nice, but seems to separate the park features into areas. Dogs do not necessarily stick to predesigned areas. If there is room to roam, they will use it.

The trees within the dog park are still young and do not provide as much shade as taller, older trees. Furthermore, there are also rows of trees that run along the outer fence. I also don’t understand the layout of the trees, but once again, some trees are better than no trees. A couple of other things you will find at the park are benches, as well as a picnic area which is not shaded.

New friends at this dog friendly place in San Antonio.
Huddle up!

Visit This Westside Dog Park

Tom Slick Dog Park is a cozy area to meet some new friends and cool off in the water. It has some nice features, but also seems a bit congested. Large dogs tend to enjoy wide open space in which to run. There is such a space outside the dog park, but the city wants your dog on a leash out there.

The amount of shade has room for improvement, but the park is not lacking in trees. The opportunity to get some exercise for dogs and humans alike is very good. The amount of water at Tom Slick Park is unique. Does your dog enjoy getting wet? Most San Antonio dog parks are dry, but this park will be a dripping blast.

I’m a certified personal trainer in San Antonio. After adopting Abbey, I created Places for Pups to help you get outside, exercise with your dog and have fun doing it.

We have mastered hiking in Texas Hill Country. Though we emerge from the woods unharmed, we are not responsible for you or your pets. You are solely responsible for trying exercises, or places discussed on this site.

Grab the best hiking gear and go dog friendly.  I wish you good fortune on the trails to come.


David Earley


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