Tom Slick Park – a Unique, Dog Friendly Experience

Tom Slick Park is a community park on the west side of San Antonio that is both unique and dog friendly. Abbey and I visited this park for the first time today and quickly made a few new friends. There are a few key things that stand out and make this park unique in comparison to other San Antonio parks.

A view of the sports areas and playground from the parking lot.

How To Get There

We entered the park from the State Highway 151 eastbound frontage road. However, there is also an access point on the other side of the park via Timbercreek Drive. That road runs through a subdivision and can be reached from Military Drive, or the frontage road from I410. Depending upon what you would like to do, you may need to choose one point over the other. I looked up Tom Slick Park on the map before visiting and imagined it would be much bigger. It was not nearly as big as it seemed, so don’t stress about which parking area to use. It is very easy to walk from one area to the other.

The loop trail around the pond at Tom Slick community park.


  • Dog friendly
  • Portable toilets
  • Pond
  • Dog park
  • Exercise stations

Unique Qualities

Each of the amenities I have listed, apart from the restrooms, are unique qualities about Tom Slick Park. First up is the dog park, which is something not typically seen at a community park. The one acre dog park on the northeast side provides a great way for parents to meet, as well as a way for their pups to interact. Right in front of the dog park you can find an exercise area.

The exercise station in front of the dog park.

Some parks have exercise stations, but the one at Tom Slick Park is covered, providing shade in the middle of the day. It is also a great way for parents to get some extra exercise while their pups are playing in the nearby dog park. Afterwards, take a short walk toward the wooded area and you will find a pond surrounded by a loop trail. The concrete trail is wide making it ideal for beginners. The loop is fairly short as we recorded only 2,299 steps.

The area that leads into the park is great for dogs to play in the water.


Tom Slick Park was a bit of a surprise. I expected it to be much larger, but the size is not all that important. It has several nice features that make it different from other San Antonio parks. I have not even mentioned the playground, ball field and outdoor basketball court. That being said, it has the expected features of a community park, plus others we do not often find in community parks. Walking around the pond is a nice, relaxing change of pace. However, you may hear some noise pollution due to the location near two highways and a subdivision. Even so, dogs have the option of playing in a park of their own, as well as the pond.

The pond from behind the trees at Tom Slick Park in San Antonio.

There are many opportunities to increase physical activity for pups and parents at Tom Slick Park. I noticed trash scattered around in the off shoot trails next to the pond. This is not the fault of the park. It may say something about those who live in the area. Take some responsibility and pick up after yourselves people. It’s good for you and the environment. It also keeps our fabulous parks from looking like trash. Tom Slick Park is small, but it has much to offer those who desire a unique, dog friendly experience.


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