Every Place You Can Walk, Bike, or Run in San Antonio

There are hundreds of trail miles for you to run in San Antonio. Some of the more popular websites claim to share hidden gems, but the parks in San Antonio are not hiding. In fact, you can see them all by simply looking at a map of the city.

Last year we visited as many San Antonio parks as we could find. It was quite an adventure. Many parks have some type of trail system, or connect together via a greenway trail. This year we discuss these places. The distances you can run, bike, or walk are included in this article.

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We have mastered hiking in Texas Hill Country. Though we emerge from the woods unharmed, we are not responsible for you or your pets. You are solely responsible for trying exercises, or places discussed on this site.

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Where Can You Run in San Antonio, TX

While looking through the search results you will find articles about trails in San Antonio, but many of the recommended parks are outside of the city. Other articles share some of the most popular parks, rather than trail specifics. There are so many places where you can walk, bike and run in San Antonio. We have discovered the details about as many places as possible.

If you would like to choose from a complete list of every place available, you have come to the right website. These places are organized into four main sections:

  1. San Antonio Parks with trails
  2. The San Antonio Greenway Trail System
  3. The San Antonio Riverwalk
  4. Other trails in San Antonio

This article only contains places within the city limits, and most of them are San Antonio parks. Furthermore, you can walk (or run) for at least one mile at each location. If you are interested in finding other areas and more specifics, we have included those in our final section. There you will find links to articles about the best trails, reasons to visit specific parks, places to hike outside of San Antonio, as well as a visitors guide.

A couple places do not allow bikes or pets on the trails, but we have marked those in red for you.

The Complete List of San Antonio Parks with Trails

The initial section contains a list of 32 parks which have trails you can run in San Antonio. Each park contains only a short description, but you will find more detailed articles on our site by using the links provided. The total trail distance of these parks is nearly 150 miles!

Use our map of every park with hiking trails in San Antonio, Texas, or the linked address to find directions to each park. We have visited each of these parks and collected as many details, and photos, as possible. If you are aware of any changes or parks we may have missed, let us know in the comments section. 

As you can see, the north side of San Antonio is full of parks. The south side is lacking, but it is somewhat underdeveloped. However, the San Antonio Riverwalk and the Medina River Greenway allow you to run (or bike) for miles on the south side. Those will be discussed after the parks in the first section. The parks on San Antonio’s south side are great, but the options are very limited.

The following list is in alphabetical order. It includes every park in San Antonio where you can walk, or run, for 1 – 40 miles.

Apache Creek Park

There are only a few parking spaces at the address listed above. Alternatively, you may park at Elmendorf Lake Park, which is also along Commerce St. This San Antonio park will be great for running, biking, or exercising, but shade is very limited. The water fountains were not working properly on our last visit. 

Bamberger Nature Park

You will find at least two parking areas along Babcock Road providing access to this park. You may also run out-and-back from the Fox Park Trailhead on W Hausman Road. The greenway trail is wide and unshaded, but Bamberger Park has several biking trails running through the woods. Cactus patches, rocks, low branches and elevation changes make these trails appear moderately challenging. 

Brackenridge Park

The San Antonio Riverwalk and Brackenridge Park Trail Map
Brackenridge Park and the Riverwalk

Brackenridge Park is one of the best San Antonio parks to take your family. There are multiple places to visit including the Japanese Tea Garden, With Museum, Botanical Gardens, and Doseum. Other things to do include fishing, picnicking, biking, hiking, or riding the miniature train. 

There are multiple parking areas which fill up fast. However, we typically find available parking along Red Oak Road. Technically, this is where the San Antonio Riverwalk begins, but you won’t find riverboats, restaurants, or walkways along the river.

Cathedral Rock Park

This is not simply another family friendly park in San Antonio. Cathedral Rock Park has a unique look, and it’s fun to hike. There is only one parking area along Grissom Road, and it fills up quickly. Play in the playground, walk the nature trails, bike to the greenway, or climb the rock formations.

The trail map for cathedral rock park in San Antonio
Cathedral Rock Park Trail Map

Comanche Lookout Park

This park contains the fourth highest point in Bexar County. Although the park is small, it has four and a half miles of trails. The scenic viewpoints are incredibly easy to reach. Three parking areas can be found around Comanche Lookout Park, and there is a playground near the library. The tower is not open to the public, but the views are worth the visit nonetheless. 

Crownridge Canyon Park

The Crownridge Canyon Park Trail Map in San Antonio.
Crownridge Canyon Park Trail Map

Despite its size, this San Antonio park is lacking amenities and trail distance. There are only two trails to run at Crownridge Canyon Park. The total distance is under two miles, and dogs are not allowed on the trails. This is one of the only parks in San Antonio which is not dog friendly. There is one parking lot which is located along Luskey Blvd. 

Eisenhower Park

This is one of the best parks in San Antonio to run with your dog and take in a few Hill Country views. Although the observation tower has been closed for months, you can find other views along the outer loop. The playground, rock wall and picnic areas also make Eisenhower Park a good place to bring your kids. There is only one parking area, but it is one of the largest in San Antonio. 

Elmendorf Lake Park

The lake and amenities make Elmendorf Lake Park one of the most gorgeous parks in San Antonio. This park stands out like a sparkling diamond in the mud on the west side. There are two parking areas along Commerce St. Bird island is a unique sight on the lake, but beware the stench. 

Falcone Park

This park may be small, but its amenities are appealing to those with kids and dogs. There may not be much space to run, or bike. However, there are a few fun activities to do at Falcone Park. The parking area along Mystic Park is small, and the park is not very well shaded. 

Friedrich Wilderness Park

This is one of San Antonio’s parks with more walking and running distance. However, it is also not dog friendly like its neighbor Crownridge Canyon Park. The trails are well shaded at Friedrich Wilderness Park, providing some changes in elevation and scenic views. 

The trail map at Friedrich Wilderness Park in San Antonio
Friedrich Wilderness Park Trail Map

Friesenhahn Park

This is a small park with very few amenities on the northeast side. The trails are very short and some run through the woods. Across the street from Friesenhahn Park you will find McClain Park which has a disc golf course and more concrete trails. 

Gold Canyon Park

Gold Canyon is a good place for a short and easy walk through the woods. The loop trail at this park is less than a mile long, but there are a few unmarked trails in the woods as well. Run the loop counter clockwise and you will find a nice challenge at its end. Surprisingly, we spotted a couch along one of the trails!

Government Canyon

The trail map at Government Canyon State Natural Area in San Antonio, Texas
Government Canyon Trail Map
  • 12861 Galm Rd, San Antonio, TX 78254– West of Helotes.
  • 40 miles of hiking trails
  • 25 miles of biking trails
  • 7 miles of dog friendly trails
  • Many changes in elevation, and scenic viewpoints
  • $6 fee per adult

This is the largest park in San Antonio, and contains the most total trail distance. Dogs and bikes have trail restrictions, but there are still miles to walk, run, or bike. Many locals will mention this park when asked about the best trails in San Antonio. 

The public must enter Government Canyon from the south and park in one of two lots. However, I noticed dirt road access on the north side while hiking to Black Hill. There must be a service entrance from Bandera Road providing access to the natural habitat. 

John James Park

This is another one of the smaller San Antonio parks, but its history is great indeed. Here, a battle once took place which saved Austin. The entrance to John James Park is off Rittiman Road, near Salado Creek. Although there is only one paved trail, there are bike trails leading into the woods. 

The Salado Creek Greenway Trail can get you to this park from the north. However, the public cannot access the greenway immediately to the south because the Salado Creek runs through Fort Sam Houston. 

Lady Bird Johnson Park

There aren’t many trails inside Lady Bird Johnson Park, but it does connect to the Salado Creek Greenway Trail. Amenities include a playground, dog park, pavilion and swimming pool for members of the YMCA. There are also several sports fields within this park. 

Madla Natural Area

This park is near Scenic Loop Drive out in Texas Hill Country, and is not very well known. There may not be many amenities, but there are some short natural trails, one of which leads to an overlook. Madla Natural Area has a very secluded feel, and the wooded trails are a pleasant to walk, or run in San Antonio.

Frank L Madla Natural Area Trail Map
Madla Natural Area Trail Map

McAllister Park

This park is nearly 1,000 acres and contains some of the best trails to run in San Antonio. The trails may be long, but they are great for beginners and easy to bike as well. McAllister Park is dog friendly, and very popular among residents. 

Parking Tip – There are three ways to enter McAllister Park. The main entrance is along Jones Maltsberger Road, but there is another to the south along Wurzbach Pkwy. There is one other way to enter the park from the east. If you take Thousand Oaks to Rowe, you can park along the street and hike Mud Creek Loop. 

Medina River Natural Area

This 500 acre San Antonio park is a rarity on the south side of the city. The trails are dog friendly, and easy to walk, or bike. Many of the natural trails are well shaded, and some follow the Medina River. You can also take the Medina River Greenway Trail to the San Antonio River. Watch out for snakes and wild animals while running in San Antonio’s only natural area to the south. 

The colorful trail map at Medina River
Medina River Natural Area Trail Map

Millers Pond

This small park is a popular fishing spot along Old Pearsall Road. Millers Pond is very close to Pearsall Park. Visit them both in the same day for a very family friendly experience. 

Mission Parkway

The San Antonio Riverwalk stretches for at least 15 miles through the Alamo city and Mission Reach. Additionally, there are miles of other trails around Mission San Juan and the acequias. These trails make biking, or running in San Antonio seem like an adventure back in time. 

The church at Mission San Jose on the south side of San Antonio, TX.
Mission San Jose

You may visit several parks along Mission Reach including Espada Park, Padre Park, Mission Park, Acequia Park and Hot Wells. These trails are paved and some are more well shaded than the riverwalk. Our map will take you to each Mission in San Antonio, but if you look closer you will notice the other parks and trails along Mission Reach.

Mud Creek Park

Mud Creek Park is located in a valley which stretches from Jones Maltsberger Road to Loop 1604. Cliffs can be found on most sides of the park. These unmarked trails are fairly easy to run, or bike, and most are well shaded. However, there are tripping hazards and small elevation changes. The parking lot is small and easy to miss along Jones Maltsberger Road. 

A pair of boots serve as a warning at Mud Creek Park in San Antonio, TX.
You won’t find a map at Mud Creek Park, so try not to lose your boots

OP Schnabel Park

This is one of the best San Antonio parks for biking. Although OP Schnabel Park is only about 200 acres, there are several miles of trails for running or biking. There are concrete trails and unmarked bike trails leading through the woods. The bike trails are challenging as they run along steep hills and some can be extremely rocky. 

Olmos Basin Park

The parking area and grounds make it clear this was once a popular gathering place. There is no shortage of parking areas along Devine Road. Olmos Basin Park has a concrete trail which follows Olmos Creek, and ends with a loop north of the dam. Olmos Creek is not spring-fed, but does merge with the headwaters of the San Antonio River. 

Biking tip – There are several unmarked bike trails on the southwest side of Olmos Basin Park. They appear fairly easy to bike, but they are narrow. Additionally, there are sharp curves and trenches in certain areas. 

Panther Springs Park

There are two ways to access this Panther Springs Park on the far north side of the city. Two parking areas are located along Wilderness Oak. One is near the Parman Library, and the other is next to Panther Springs Dog Park. A concrete trail connects the two, and a loop can be found near its center. The trail is a beauty to run, or walk, and we passed a few friendly hikers along the way.

The trail map at Panther Springs Park
Panther Springs Park Trail Map

Pearsall Park

Despite its 500 acre size, we couldn’t find much hiking aside from the Leon Creek Greenway Trail. Pearsall Park is full of amenities, but trails are not among the better ones. However, if you have kids, they will love playing at this park.

Phil Hardberger Park

Technically these are two separate parks which take pride in the natural. The west area is actually south of Wurzback Pkwy (NW Military Hwy), while the east area is north of it (Blanco Road). These trails are covered with paving material and are dog friendly. Here you can walk, bike, or run while enjoying nature in the shade. 

A land bridge is being constructed to connect both parks. It should be completed soon, and will allow runners and bikers to access the entire park from either side. Running in San Antonio is already fun and unique. However, a land bridge will definitely increase its appeal.

Phil Hardberger Park Trail Map
Hardberger Park Trail Map

Southside Lions Park East

This San Antonio park is along the southern side of the Salado Creek Greenway Trail. This is a popular fishing spot, but the park has several other amenities as well. A short trail forms a loop around Lions Park Lake, and connects to the greenway. The lake and trail are on the east side of Pecan Valley Drive, while the sports park and dog park are across the street. 

The lake at Southside Lions Park East in San Antonio, Texas
Lions Park Lake

Run in San Antonio, or bike more than a few miles of trails at Southside Lions Park. The east side also has a couple short nature trails, and the west side has concrete trails near the sports fields. This is a very nice looking park, but shade can only be found in certain areas.

Stone Oak Park

There are parking areas on the north and south sides of Stone Oak Park. This unique trail in San Antonio crosses underneath Evans Road and through Stone Oak Pkwy. The trail is wide open and provides some views of the hills in Stone Oak. The walk is easy, but can be made more adventurous by investigating the exercise stations, or the old bear cave. 

The trail map at Stone Oak Park in San Antonio, TX
Stone Oak Park Trail Map

Tobin Park

This San Antonio park isn’t much more than a connecting point along the Salado Creek Greenway Trail. This concrete trail runs from the Tobin Park Trailhead to the Oakwell Park Trailhead. We did find one nature trail somewhere near the center which did not appear to lead anywhere. 

Tom Slick Park

This is a very dog friendly San Antonio park. Furthermore, there is a nice grouping of exercise stations in front of the dog park. This way, you and your pups can train simultaneously. The short walking trail leads from the dog park and around a small pond. Several dogs take advantage of the water within the dog park, and at the pond inside Tom Slick Park

Walker Ranch Historic Landmark

Although this was once a ranch, there isn’t much evidence of it left. There is a windmill, but it was a very costly addition. There are several short nature trails, and the Salado Creek Greenway Trail cuts through the park. An educational display teaches us about the history of the land, and Walker Ranch which stood there.

Surprisingly, there are two parking lots at Walker Ranch Park. One is noticeable along West Avenue, while the other is along West Rhapsody Drive. A steel bridge leads from one to the other across Salado Creek. The bridge is several hundred feet long, and you cannot see from one side to the other. 

Woodlawn Lake

This sparkling lake is another popular spot for a pleasant walk, or run in San Antonio. The trail is handicap accessible, and very easy to hike. Additionally, there are exercise stations and a swimming pool on one side. Parking spaces are plentiful on the north side of the lake, but you may also find street parking in other areas. 

Abbey looks toward downtown San Antonio from Pearsall Park.
Pearsall Park

The Greenway Trail System in San Antonio, TX

San Antonio has many greenways which extend for miles around the city. Trails have been added which connect these greenways to each other, and other parks. The trails tend to follow waterways, most of which are creeks. The total trail distance for the greenways in San Antonio is roughly 80 miles!

The greenways can be broken down into four main sections: Leon Creek, Salado Creek, Medina River and the Westside Creeks. The Westside Creeks can be broken down further into seven subcategories (Apache, Alazan, Martinez, San Pedro, Zarzamora, Huesta and Culebra). If you are looking for room to run in San Antonio, the greenways are a great option. Don’t forget the San Antonio Greenway System Trail Map because you will need it.

Greenway Trail Map

Leon Creek

The Leon Creek Greenway is currently about 17 miles long on the westside of San Antonio. There are 18 trailheads and several parks along this route, although the connection is not complete. Eventually, the trail will be connected to the Salado Creek Greenway near Eisenhower Park. The Leon Creek Greenway is a very popular trail to bike in San Antonio. Furthermore, it is connects two other parks with challenging biking trails (Bamberger and OP Schnabel).

Medina River

The Medina River Greenway connects the San Antonio Riverwalk to Medina River Natural Area. There are six trailheads along this route which now runs by Mitchell Lake. This is probably the least trafficked greenway in the city. Run or bike this more secluded trail in the spring to see fields of wildflowers and livestock on the south side of San Antonio. This greenway now runs for approximately 15 miles, allowing access to two very popular rivers.

Salado Creek

The longest greenway in San Antonio follows Salado Creek. Run or bike all the way to Southside Lions Park East from Shavano Park on the east side of the city. The total distance of this trail is nearly 30 miles, although the creek near Fort Sam Houston is not open to the public. There are at least 14 trailheads and 11 parks connected to the Salado Creek Greenway. The parks on the north side are very nice, but the creek is dry and the noise pollution is high.

Westside Creeks

The seven other creeks are on the westside of San Antonio. Huesta and Culebra flow into Leon Creek. Apache, Alazan, Martinez, San Pedro and Zarzamora flow into the San Antonio River. The total trail distance is approximately 18 miles, most of which is inside I-410. There are at least seven trailheads. Each of these trails connect to parks prior to reaching one of the greenways mentioned above.

The San Antonio River
The confluence of San Pedro Creek and the San Antonio River

The San Antonio Riverwalk

This is arguably the most popular trail in San Antonio. Although most people congregate along the downtown stretch, the Museum Reach and Mission Reach sections are great for walkers, runners and bikers. The entire San Antonio Riverwalk is 15 miles long, and can be broken up into four sections: Mission Reach (9 miles), Southtown (2 miles), Downtown (2 miles) and Museum Reach (2 miles).

You may walk, or run, through the entire stretch of the San Antonio Riverwalk. If you are biking, pay attention to the Riverwalk Trail Map because you must follow the streets downtown. Each section of the San Antonio Riverwalk is different, but purposeful.

Museum Reach is the longest stretch of the riverwalk, and most people prefer to bike in this area. Downtown will be the most congested and some areas will be difficult to get through quickly. While passing through Southtown and Museum Reach, you will notice a blend of dog walkers, runners and bikers. Kayakers may be exiting the river in Southtown or Mission Reach at certain times of the year.

There are more than 20 trailheads, or access points, along the San Antonio Riverwalk. Four missions and eight parks are located along Mission Reach. Furthermore, there are two acequias which run for approximately 7 miles on opposite sides of the riverwalk. One flows from San Juan, and the other from Francisco De La Espada. The acequia trails follow the riverwalk and will provide a unique experience. Walk, run, or bike along the acequias on the south end of Mission Reach.

The San Antonio Riverwalk

Other Trails You Can Walk, Bike, or Run in San Antonio

There are probably more places to walk, bike and run in San Antonio than you expect. Do you prefer views of the city or historical areas? You can create trail routes of your own, or find those suggested by others.

Downtown – Southtown Route

Run this route from Downtown to Southtown or vice versa. It’s a four-mile trail with a loop at each end. The downtown trail loops around the Rivercenter Mall and the Alamo. The connection runs through Hemisfair Park, La Villita and the Torch of Friendship, while the Southtown loop will lead you through historic places in the King William District. This is a very historic running route in San Antonio.

Market Square – Museum Reach Route

Run this route from Museum Reach to the Market Square. This short out-and-back trail is a two-mile run. On your way to the Market Square you will see the San Antonio River, San Fernando Cathedral and the Spanish Governor’s Palace. Continue north along the riverwalk and run through the Pearl to increase your mileage.

Brackenridge – Alamo Route

Run this route from the San Antonio Zoo to the Alamo. You will primarily be following St. Mary’s Street until your reach downtown. Once you reach Commerce Street, follow it to the Rivercenter Mall. Run between the mall and the Alamo to complete this loop. Follow the route back to Brackenridge Park to complete the eight-mile run.

San Antonio Highlights Route

Run this route to see more of the highlights of San Antonio. This large 5-mile loop runs around downtown, along the San Antonio Riverwalk, and through King William. Along this route you will run through several parks in the downtown area. You will also run along both sides of the riverwalk, and around historic places in Southtown. This route is for those who love to see San Antonio.

You have 280 miles to run in San Antonio. We suggest you get moving.

As promised, here are the complimentary articles which detail specific reasons to visit these places, as well as others outside the city.

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Running in San Antonio is better when you know all the places

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