Pearsall Dog Park in San Antonio

Pearsall Dog Park is the greenest in San Antonio, Texas. It has so much grass! At least, what passes for grass here in San Antonio. We were totally shocked. We’ve been to most of the dog parks in the city, and many have little or no grass. What else does Pearsall Dog Park have to offer?

Abbey meets a cute husky puppy to play with at Pearsall Park Dog Park.
Let’s chase at Pearsall Park

How to Get to Pearsall Dog Park in San Antonio, TX

Address: 5414 Old Pearsall Rd #5346, San Antonio, TX 78242

Dog park size: 1.5 acres

Hours of operation: 6am – 9pm

Pearsall Dog Park is very easy to find along Old Pearsall Road. You will find the park on the south side of the street near SW Military Drive. The park is just south of Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio.

The base offers a great view of jets taking off and landing throughout the day. Whether you use I-35, I-410, or one of the nearby streets, Old Pearsall Road is the only way to reach the dog park. It is on the western side of Pearsall Park.

The entrance to the dog park at Pearsall Park in San Antonio.
The entrance to Pearsall Dog Park

Amenities at Pearsall Dog Park

Pearsall Dog Park is open from 6am – 9pm. Like most dog parks, the busiest time of day is the evening. The 1.5 acre dog park has separate areas dedicated to large and small dogs.

The parking lot is not large, but there are several nearby sports fields with separate parking spaces. The area contains portable toilets, but head to the splash-pad if you prefer public restrooms. The splash-pad is a short walk to the northeast, along Old Pearsall Road.

Some shade inside Pearsall Dog Park

Take a Look Inside the Dog Park

As I mentioned already, Pearsall Dog Park is filled with grass. This was a major plus because grass reduces, or eliminates, muddy feet. Both the small dog and large dog areas contain a dog friendly fountain. There is also a water fountain in front of the dog park. More drinking options are always great for dogs who live in the hot and sunny land of San Antonio.

There are a handful of large trees inside the dog park, but the majority of the space is exposed to sunlight. The picnic tables and benches within the park are nice, but may be uncomfortable during the summer. The park may need more shade if it’s going to maintain its green appearance.

Abbey using the dog agility area at Pearsall Park Dog Park.
The agility zone at Pearsall Park

At the rear end of the park you will find the dog agility area. There were six different obstacles to use when we visited the park. However, the PVC pipe was not long enough to form a hurdle, so we could not use that one.

Since it is currently summer, Abbey could only take so much direct sunlight. She did make friends with a cute, husky puppy before we left. That was exciting, but shortly thereafter we had to retreat to the car for A/C.

Can I tell you a secret?

Visit the Greenest Dog Park in San Antonio

Pearsall Dog Park is very green, but it could use more shade. There is plenty of space to play, room to run, and obstacles to use for training. The three separate dog friendly fountains are great for keeping the pups hydrated.

The park seems to have everything a good dog needs. Except for that extra shade, of course. There is only one dog park we have visited that had more grass than Pearsall. Fredericksburg Dog Park is massive and full of grass, but it is more than an hour outside of the city.

Most of the obstacles in the dog agility area. Greenest dog park in San Antonio!

Hopefully the dog park maintains its green grass. It really sets it apart from the rest of the San Antonio dog parks. I imagine the grass may get torn up as dogs continue to play in the area. The dog park is only a few years old and may not yet be showing signs of excessive paw use.

Check out the splash-pad right down the road if you are looking for more fun things to do in San Antonio. While it may not be the most exciting place for dogs, it is extremely family friendly. Pearsall Park also has hills to climb for a unique view of downtown, and a short portion of the Leon Creek Greenway Trail.

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