Best Things to do in San Antonio – Historic Pearl

Best things to do in San Antonio, include a high five at the Pearl with a dog.

If your dog is anything like mine, he/she loves hiking in wooded areas. However, there are many dog friendly things to do near me that happen to be in civilized areas. In my opinion, these are the best things to do in San Antonio. One of these places is the Historic Pearl and it is easy to find. You can find it just north of the downtown area, between the Josephine St. exit from 281 and the St. Marys St. exit from 35.

What’s Inside

Abbey posing at the Historic Pearl.

The Pearl was once an old brewery which has since been remade into a major social attraction. Some of the things you can currently find inside include apartments, businesses and various restaurants. On weekends people flock to the Pearl for the farmers market. There is a market every single week on both Saturday and Sunday. Moreover, on weeknights you might find a special musical event taking place, or another market. At other times you will find people enjoying one of the many eateries, as well as taking a leisurely stroll through the walkways. It seems as if every restaurant has an outdoor patio, and you know what that means? More dog friendly places to go!

Where To Park

Parking is free and easy at the Pearl with options all the way around the location and inside as well. I’ve never had any issues parking. However, one night a parade was marching through, (which reminds me to mention not to bring your dog too close to a marching band) and on that instance the lots were packed. We didn’t have a problem finding parking, but we did park several blocks away. No matter where you park it is easy to access the Pearl from each direction. We typically find that parking in the back, across the river is the most convenient. Of course, we don’t mind the walk. If you prefer to park closer, head to the garage next to Hotel Emma and park for free.

Dog friendly food options at the Historic Pearl.

Food Options

It would not be one of the best things to do in San Antonio if it did not have multiple food options. There are, in fact, several good places to eat at the Historic Pearl. These include Bakery Lorraine, Boiler House, Hotel Emma, and the Food Hall. Each of these have outdoor seating, so bring your dog along as well. There is also a coffee shop, a vegetarian restaurant and an ice cream shop that has dairy free options. Lick has a wide variety of flavors, but our dog Abbey, simply prefers the vanilla. There are, of course, many other places to eat, but we have not yet tried them all. If you’ve tried any others let us know how they rate as well.

The San Antonio Riverwalk has various forms of art.

River Access

If you get tired of walking around the main area, you will find access to the riverwalk to the west of the Pearl. The path on both sides of the river provides a pleasant, and peaceful walk any time of day. If you feel especially active, follow the riverwalk south to the downtown area and peruse the art along the way. We walked only a short distance and saw faces in the water! Feel free to share the amazing things you spotted too.

Dog Park?

There are signs promoting a dog park at the Pearl, but all we found was a tiny fenced in area filled with dirt. This was next to the parking lot under 281, and to the East of the Pearl. We expected to find a lovely park filled with dogs having a wonderful time. Sadly, such a thing did not exist. This is one area that can be improved upon in the future. Meanwhile there are plenty of dog friendly things to do at the beautiful Historic Pearl.

Hotel Emma has dog friendly dining.

More Reasons To Visit

The Historic Pearl always appears neat and clean. This is quite a feat considering it’s size and the amount of foot traffic it receives on a daily basis. The restaurants have quality food, allergy friendly options, and are dog friendly as well. Most of the time there is adequate seating throughout the Pearl.

This may not always be the case during evening events, but there are turf areas available as well. One is outside the coffee shop. The other is outside the Food Hall and contains a splash pad as well. This is a noticeable family friendly hotspot. The dogs come to be seen, while the kids come to play in the water. I myself, enjoy the food and the aesthetics of the space. I once played chess at the Pearl, although a market was taking place. The Historic Pearl feels safe and relaxing. Furthermore, it is probably the place we have visited the most. This is why it is one of the best things to do in San Antonio.


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