Why Visit the Dog Friendly Riverwalk in Boerne?

Boerne is a lovely little town about 30 miles north of downtown San Antonio. San Antonio is known for its riverwalk, but Boerne has a captivating riverwalk of its own. It does not disappoint. The dog friendly riverwalk runs alongside Cibolo Creek and is open from 5am to midnight. This allows plenty of time to walk, run, or play along the river, although the park is not gated. You can park along River Road or Main Street for easy access to the river.

The good girl poses next to the ducks  at River Road Park in Boerne, across from the Dodging Duck Brewhaus.


  • Dog friendly
  • Public restrooms
  • Some shaded areas
  • Handicap accessible
  • Concrete pathway
  • Riverview
This is one dog friendly riverwalk in Boerne, Texas.

Distance And Difficulty

The path along Cibolo Creek is concrete and completely handicap accessible. This makes the walk, not only enjoyable, but easy for individuals of any fitness level. If you begin behind the old Boerne Hotel and follow the riverwalk to the dam, the distance would be about one mile. You can walk beyond the dam, but you lose sight of the river. Shade can be found here and there, but not everywhere.

Some areas of this dog friendly riverwalk have little shade.

The Wildlife

My dog, Abbey, loves the Boerne Riverwalk because there is so much wildlife along the path. There are squirrels running to and from trees, wild cats running behind the shops on Main Street, as well as various geese and ducks along the river. The ducks are her favorite. She loves to watch them fly off and land in the water. She also wants to get closer because they smell awful nice. Perhaps she would like to have a taste as well. Yum!

The ducks are always on the move at River Road Park in Boerne.

Things You May Need

You will find public restrooms near the dam on River Road across from the Dodging Duck restaurant. There is usually plenty of street parking in this area. If you have trouble finding a spot, head down a side street nearby the restaurants. If you get thirsty, locate the public restrooms and you will find the fountains as well. When you are in need of a break, or shade, take a seat on one of the many shaded benches and enjoy the river view. Another thing to keep in mind is that sunscreen, and or head cover will come in handy on a sunny day.

Lots of wildlife along the dog friendly riverwalk in Boerne, Texas.

Things To Do

The Boerne Riverwalk is unlike any other walking trail in the area. If we lived closer we would definitely visit the dog friendly riverwalk on a daily basis, not to mention the Dodging Duck as well. If you get hungry, I would recommend trying the Dodging Duck at least once, if not several times. We have done so and included it in a completely separate article: “Why You Should Eat At The Dodging Duck Brewhaus In Boerne, Texas”. There are some unique shops to see on Main Street. One shop sells both antiques and pickles. The pickles are very tasty, but also pricey.

Metal art near the beginning of the dog friendly riverwalk in Boerne.

Besides eating and shopping, another thing to do at the Boerne Riverwalk is fishing. I’m not sure what type of fish people are catching at the river, but there are piers from which to fish. The dam is also a unique sight which used to be part of a homestead in the early 1900’s. Are you looking for dog friendly things to do in Boerne, Texas? The Boerne Riverwalk is a gorgeous, family friendly, and dog friendly riverwalk that you must see. Who knows, you may even spot a Loch Ness type creature on the walk!

A view of a Loch Ness monster across the Boerne Riverwalk in Texas.


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