Where Am I? X Marks the Spot

I’m somewhere you might have been if you live or have visited this place where x marks the spot. It will be difficult to figure out where I am unless you visited this place often and remember seeing the symbol in the photo. Therefore, I will offer three riddles to help you figure out where I am.

A place where X marks the spot, possibly the logo of some place at some time.  Where am I?

Riddle 1

This darkening burden colored horseback brown, on its highroad roaring down. In its cage you may find a fleece made of foam. It moves from high to low until its body falls home.

Riddle 2

Wondrous and round, I show off iridescent light. Though I be made in the dark, many women show me off where it’s bright.

Riddle 3

Today I trip you up and I may torture you tomorrow. Although I eased your pain while you were going through grief and sorrow.

Can You Solve The Riddles?

Those are your three riddles which will help you figure out where I am. I will also offer a few more hints due to the limited use of the photo. This is a very popular dog friendly and public place. I come here often to hike, play, socialize and obtain herbs I cannot find in major stores. Where am I?

This place is very close to me, and the climate is generally hot and dry. I often see others of my kind here, but we are not allowed to do as much as we desire. There are people of all shapes and sizes, the littlest of them splash and play in the water, but I dare not go near. Where am I?

Name this place by answering the riddles three and I will do a followup post using a word, or place of your choosing. Are you up for this dog friendly challenge?


I am a certified personal trainer, and nutrition coach. Places for Pups was created to catalog daily, dog friendly adventures. I hope you will share yours here as well.

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I wish you good fortune on the trails to come.

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